Eating Like a Local

In every town all of the world there is spot where the "locals" eat that you won't find in any travel guide.  When we travel VERY rarely will you find us eating on the main streets of the city but on the small side streets.  Why? Because the prices are usually cheaper and the food is more authentic.   If it is restaurant where all the locals go eat then you know it is good! Well last week I finally Read more [...]
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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Festival Day 2

Yesterday's blog post I show you how fabulous last Saturday was for me in Boleslawiec, Poland during their annual Polish Pottery Festival.  Well Sunday was just as fabulous! It was another fun day and my feet were so sore from all the walking but it was totally worth it. Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Festival day 2... So Read more [...]
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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Festival Day 1

Oh I have no words for how AWESOME my weekend was!  I went with another friend to the annual Polish Pottery Festival in Boleslawiec, Poland.  This festival is 5 days of ceramics, concerts, parades, exhibits, handi-crafts, antique market and a carnival. We went first thing Saturday morning and came home Sunday evening.  I had never been to this before so I was totally excited for this weekend!  I Read more [...]
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Time to Visit…Borowski Glass Studio

I know it may seem hard to believe there are other things to do in Boleslawiec beside Polish pottery shopping!! This is the unique and VERY interesting glass studio, Borowski which is just outside of town really near Andy's & Andar's . So if you are an art collector and you happen to be in the Boleslawiec area, this is totally worth a stop Read more [...]
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Time to Visit…WR Outlet Store in Boleslawiec

WR Ceramika is yet another pottery place in Boleslawiec, Poland.  Yes, there are still a few more we have yet to explore. WR has 2 stores in Boleslawiec, the main store located just down the block from Andy's.  The outlet one is next to Trycz. This is not a huge store but stills has a nice selection to choose from. They are open Monday through Saturday Read more [...]
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Time to Visit…Ceramika Trycz, Boleslawiec, Poland

Yes, this is yet another blog post on yet another Polish pottery store in Boleslawiec, Poland.  Why yet another one?  Because in 4 days(not that I am counting) is the Boleslawiec annual Polish Pottery Festival!!  I have had lots of comments and emails from people asking about a few the stores I have yet to blog about so this would be the perfect time to tell you all about them if you are lucky enough Read more [...]
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Time to Eat in Boleslawiec Poland

After a long day of shopping for Polish pottery it is time for a good Polish food.  In Boleslawiec there is an AMAZING restaurant that you need to stop and try Polish food if you go there. Opalkowa Chata needs to be on your places to stop at when in Boleslawiec just like all the pottery shops. Yes, I have eaten at my share of Polish restaurants throughout Poland this one is high on my favorite Read more [...]
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A Visit to…Ceramika Artystyczna, Boleslawiec, Poland

Hi my name is Kelley and I am a Polish pottery addict!  I am not going to lie...I LOVE Polish pottery.  I fell in love with it even before moving here to Poland. One of the stores that is always on the top of my priority list when I go to Boleslawiec is Ceramika Artystyczna.  Why?  They have AMAZING patterns as well as prices. I have been to this factory store several times before and I don't Read more [...]
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Time to Cook…Apple & Bacon Smalec

I mentioned last week we have been using as many apples as my family can eat without getting sick of them.  One of ways we used some apples was with making...smalac. If you eat at a restaurant that serves typical Polish food you will more than likely served this when you sit down at a table for no charge, kind of like a free appetizer.  In the old days this was called "the rich mans butter" as Read more [...]
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An Apple a Day

How many apple's can my family use in a week?  In the past 3 days we have gone through 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds).  Yes, you read that right!  We are in apple heaven here in our house. Why so many apples?  It is apple season and so they are on sale anywhere from 1.79 zloty(57 cents) to 3.50 zloty ($1.11) a kilogram.  The cheap prices are not the main reason why I using this many apples Read more [...]
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Trickline, Slackline or Highline

I know this is really late but in May we went to watch something called a "Trickline," "Highline" or some call it "Slackline" competition.  Whatever you want to call is AWESOME! This all happened the first weekend in May here in Bydgoszcz(yes it happened that long ago!).  This line is not that high off the ground but still requires lots of balance and some major inner core muscle strength. Read more [...]
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Dirty Carrots and Cheese

On the first Sunday of the month for 4 hours there is a farmers market type event here in town at a local nightclub.  A friend has been telling me about these for a while and that I really need to go to one.  Unfortunately they are on Sunday's from 11:00 - 15:00 right when we are in church and Sunday's we try not to shop.  But last Sunday we were on holiday so we decided to do a very quick peek Read more [...]
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Red Bull Air Race in Gdynia

Last Sunday we went back to one of my favorite areas of Poland...the Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia area.  Yes, the wonderful beaches they have up there is just one of the reasons why we love going up there.  We went up there for the main purpose to drop my husband off at the airport.  Since we were up there already the girls and I decided to head to the beach and watch the Red Bull Air Race in Gdynia.  There Read more [...]
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Ristorante del Mercato

The other day I went to another "till we meet again" dinner.  This time it was one of my dearest friends that I have made here in Poland.  Her husband works with mine and they are from Slovakia.  When we first met 2.5 years ago one of the first things she said was "sorry, my English is not so good."  I can proudly say that over the last 2.5 years of getting in lots of trouble together...going on Read more [...]
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Tomato Rut

Yet another perk of us moving last summer into this new house is that we are able to have a nice little container garden in the front part of our house.  When we were living in the US we always had a garden with lots of vegetables and fruit because stuff you grow yourself is always so much better. Last summer we were too new to this house so we did not plant anything but this year we did mushrooms, Read more [...]
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Warsaw Planetarium

When we were at the science museum in Warsaw last week we also went and did the planetarium which is attached to the museum. Since my husband's foot is still quite sore from when he broke it 8 weeks ago, walking activities are not high on our sightseeing list.  So, movie watching is high on our sightseeing list.   We had yet to go to the planetarium so last Friday the planetarium was a perfect fit. You Read more [...]
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Copernicus Science Museum Time

As you could tell by my last post we spent the latter part of last week in Warsaw, Poland. For all of you who sent me messages, THANKS!  She made it safely to the US and is already enjoying shopping at Target, getting unlimited refills of drinks at restaurants and studying to get her drivers permit. Meanwhile she was having fun in the US we had some fun ourselves in Warsaw. One of the highlights Read more [...]
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A Long 5 Hours

What a sad day yesterday was in more ways than one.  I am having a hard time trying to word this post. We were at the Warsaw airport doing this... "L" is going to be doing her university studies in the US so yesterday she flew back a few early to start getting herself situated there before school starts.  So we drove down to Warsaw since that is the major airport for international flights. She Read more [...]
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Bydgoszcz Busker Fest 2014

Where to start about our last Saturday? My hubby had to work on Saturday so the girls and I had some free time to fill.  Luckily it was the Busker Festival time here in Bydgoszcz and 2 years ago we went to it and had a blast so we head into town to watch it for an hour or two.  Well, 6 hours later I think we finally headed home.  It was a long day but a fun day. What is a busker?  It is a street Read more [...]
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Bonfires, Bread and Beer

Saturday night we were off to enjoy a bonfire at one of my husband's co-workers house.  We have had lots of dinners at friends houses and we have hosted lots of bbq's at our house but we had yet to ever attended a Polish bbq. So this bbq was a first for us. Once again like most typical Polish people they were some of the most gracious hosts and like most Polish dinners more food then I could imagine. So Read more [...]
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American Girl Sweepstakes

It has been a CRAZY week in our house as we have some guests in town visiting so our days lately have been sightseeing with them, so hence the reason for not a whole lot of posts this week! BUT to help make up for it, I have the AMAZING giveaway that I am doing with a few other blogger friends for our blog readers. My youngest 2 girls LOVE dolls and dressing them up.  They love American Girl dolls Read more [...]
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STUDIO Pod Labedziem

Well yesterday we finally picked up "L's" Senior/Graduation pictures and all I can say is... WOW, she is defiantly not my baby anymore! Last week I talked about the pictures that STUDIO Pod Labedziem did for my oldest daughter and here are a few of the AMAZING pictures he took! These turned out absolutely spectacular and I am having the hardest time deciding which one to hang Read more [...]
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She is Not My Baby

Tuesday evening "L" and I did yet another tradition of being a high school Senior....SENIOR PICTURES!!! In the US a lot of kids in their last year of high school during this senior year do a photo shoot with nice clothes, sport uniforms or other items that describe them.  Yes, typically they are done in the fall but the fall got a bit busy for us so when STUDIO Pod Labedziem donated a photo session Read more [...]
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I Just Want to Cry

How easily do I cry? Where the Red Fern Grows, The Green Mile, Pay it Forward, The Patriot and 17 Miracles are instant tear jerker movies for me. When I go on the Godvine website and watch dog rescue's I better have a box of tissue's next to me. I no longer host  or go to "Going away" dinners or parties...I go to "Till we meet again" because the thought of never seeing some friends again(the Read more [...]
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Time to Visit…Tyrcz Pottery

Yes, there are still more shops in Boleslawiec that I have yet too talk about and YES, there even more that I will be blogging about here soon. If you are looking for unique one of a kind pieces of Polish pottery well Tyrcz is your place if you are in Boleslawiec, Poland. This shop is located in the little strip mall right next to Vena pottery. Time to Visit...Tyrcz Pottery If Read more [...]
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