Time to Cook…Polish Poppy Seed Cake with Stripes (Makowiec w Paski)

Easter here in Poland means eating some form of poppy-seed cake called Makowiec (the typical one is just like a jelly rolled caked filled with poppy-seed filling).  Almost every grocery store and bakery here in town has them for sale now.  Some a pretty and some not so pretty but all taste delicious I am sure. When I had the perogie making party they also wanted to learn to make a typical Polish Read more [...]
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Our Final Volleyball Match for the Season

The girls and I last night headed to watch our last volleyball game for the 2013/2014 season to cheer our "adopted" kid Rachael Adams & the another American Kim Hill who we have become friends with over this past season play against each other in the Polish Women's Volleyball Championship for the bronze medal.  The first 2 games are in Sopot/Gdansk and the other 3 are down in Dabrowa.  These Read more [...]
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“Artichoke” Polish Ribbon Easter Decorating

As I mentioned yesterday, I love how the Polish people here decorate Easter eggs here! 2 weeks ago a few friends and I got together once again to learn a traditional craft here that is done during Easter and Christmas. This is done with folding ribbons and pinning them on styrofoam balls and eggs. Here in Poland it is called "Karczoch" and when you translate that it is "Artichoke."  I guess when Read more [...]
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Polish Easter Eggs

Hi, my name is Kelley and I am addicted to Polish decorated Easter eggs.  I LOVE Polish decorated Easter eggs! Every year that we live here in Poland my Easter egg collection is getting bigger and bigger. How could you not fall in love with eggs decorated like this... Do you see why I am in heaven this time of year here in Poland? Want Read more [...]
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A Quick Visit to Hungary

It was that time of the month where a bunch of the wives from my husband's job get together to learn each others home country as I have mentioned before. The other day this month the wives from Hungary hosted the activity.  As I have never been to Hungary yet nor have they hosted in the past, so it was fun to learn about this country. Like a fun fact did you know floppy disks were invented there Read more [...]
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Time to make….Polish Easter Palms

One the things I am enjoying about living here in Poland the longer I am here, is learning about all of their different customs that go with the different holidays.  The first year in any country that we have lived in is typically a blur and a culture shock just trying to take so much of it in. One of the customs during the Easter holiday unique here to Poland are these palms.  You see them for Read more [...]
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Who’s cooking dinner?

One of "E's" favorite classes at school is her Wednesday cooking class.  She is turning into a mini-me with her love of cooking and baking. She is 9 year old and she is getting older and more independent but the other day when she said that she wanted to cook dinner for all of us, I was happy but shocked.   Now I was thinking scrambled eggs or even macaroni and cheese is what she had in mind but Read more [...]
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Zumba time

Saturday according to "A" was the best day EVER!!  Why?  We finally were able to do her 7th birthday party.  The poor kid on her actually birthday 2 weeks ago had some sort of Measles that is going around here.  So that meant home confinement for over a week and that we had to cancel her birthday party.  Luckily we were able to reschedule her party to last Saturday.  She was a wee bit excited Read more [...]
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Taste Club in Poland

One of the perks of living in Poland (or overseas in general) is trying out new food!  From all of our travels while living here in Europe one of the things I remember the most from all different places are the fun and unique food we have tried. Who doesn't like to eat out especially when you can get it at 25%-50% off?  Taste Club in Poland is this AMAZING discount dining program where I can try Read more [...]
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Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung here in Poland not just with plants starting to show leaves, my tulips are coming up but according to the calendar it says spring is officially here.  The first day of spring here is a big deal in the school's.  At the school last week they put together a spring assembly where kids sang songs, read some poems and even had a little dance. "A" was out sick all last week but this Read more [...]
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Mormon Helping Hands

As if the pierogi get together was not enough excitement this weekend, we had another fun event on Saturday. Szlachetna Paczka is one of the Polish charities here that my family and I are big supporters of.  The other day one of the local organizers shoot me an email looking for volunteers to help a single father renovate his new apartment that he got from the city that helps under privileged families. The Read more [...]
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Time to Cook…Pierogi with Potato & Cheese “Russian”

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog post on Sunday night I had a pierogi making get together.   Well like I promised here is the recipe for making my favorite Pierogi. Now that I have put that in writing I am second guessing myself as I like the spinach ones, the sauerkraut & mushrooms, the strawberry ones, by the looks of it I like pierogi in general.  Time to Cook...Pierogi with Potato & Read more [...]
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Pierogies, Pierogies and more Pierogies

If I don't eat another pierogi for the next month, I will be completely OK with that after my pierogi making get together last night! Once a month the church missionaries do something called "Culture Night." This is something where they can learn more about Polish traditions and cultures while they are serving their missions here.  They can go visiting local museums, sporting events, historical sites, Read more [...]
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Pyszne.pl & Giveaway

I will be the first to admit that at times I am lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. I love the thought of calling up a local restaurant to deliver dinner to our house.  But wait, I don't speak Polish good enough to told a telephone conversation, so that is out. But luckily I found this great website Pyszne.pl that I can order food to be delivered to my house online.  I don't have to speak to anyone!! Read more [...]
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Where are you from?

The other afternoon the girls and I were out for a walk here in town and we ran into one of the sets of our church missionaries here in town.  We did not recognize one the young men as they do what is called exchanges once a week.  Two missionaries from two different cities goes to the other city for a day. Well the missionary that was here for day is currently is living in Gdansk just north of Read more [...]
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Time to Cook…Pancake & Bacon Dippers

I wish I could give credit where credit is due for this recipe but a friend posted this idea on Facebook the other week and this friend post a LOT to Facebook and I can not find it on her wall. So my apologies for not giving credit where credit is due! Pancakes and bacon all in one?  Yes, jackpot! Not sure about your house but kids+pancakes+syrup= a mess.  These looked perfect for the girls Read more [...]
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Doll Clothes Superstore

One of the perks of raising 3 girls is lots of shopping for dresses.  All 3 of my girls are are girly girls but my youngest 2 LOVE to wear dresses when and where ever they can.   Yes church is a given that they were them there but school, hanging out with friends and even playgrounds if I would let them. Easter is around the corner and that means dress shopping in our house.  Then when you have Read more [...]
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Spring has Sprung in Poland

I think winter is officially gone (at least I am hoping so) and spring has sprung in Poland. As there was plenty to do inside my house got chores, it was just too nice to do anything inside. First stop, a local floral shop. OK, it is not a per say a store but a road side stand thing but I love the couple that grow these flowers even they don't speak a bit of English and my Polish is really bad, we Read more [...]
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Fun Facts about Poland

The other day one of my Polish blog readers sent me a link that he thought I might enjoy reading. The link went to a Tumbler account "This is Poland!" It was a bunch fun facts about Poland.  Some of which I already knew but others I never would have guessed! Here are a few fun facts that I thought you might enjoy knowing about Poland. Interesting Read more [...]
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Hobby Lobby in Poland

I have mentioned before one of the stores I miss the most from the USA is Hobby Lobby.  When we went back to the USA last August to visit family one of the places I wanted/needed to shop at was this store.  I love making things for the holidays to decorate the house, gifts for others and to spend time with family and friends making them and this store has EVERYTHING that I could possibly need. As Read more [...]
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Off the Polish Emergency Room

Last weekend we had some excitement in our house.  At 6 o'clock in the morning my husband woke me up and said, "you need to get up and take me to a doctor or emergency room or whatever to get me out of this pain."  Well he went bed the night before with some ear pain but we thought it was just him coming down with a cold.  We were wrong! So first call was to a friend to see what emergency room Read more [...]
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Well it is finally here

For those of you who are fans on my Facebook Fan page, earlier this week I mentioned that some changes were coming to my blog. Well they are HERE!!! I started this blog a little over 2 years ago to let my family and friends know what life was like for us here in Poland. (I had never heard of anyone moving to Poland to take a job before nor had any of friends or family) Well in the past 2 years because Read more [...]
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Ranch dressing is here in Poland

A few weeks ago my favorite grocery store chain here in town, Lidl, was having "American Week" special.  They were selling all sorts of foods that are "American" in their eyes.  Now this is not the first time they have done this.  2 years ago was my first experience with their "American Week" and even now I still giggle at some of the products they are selling. Microwave popcorn in not very Read more [...]
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A Quick Trip to Slovakia & the Czech Republic

No, I really did not make a quick trip to Slovakia or to the Czech Republic yesterday but I was able to learn a few things about each of the countries as it was time for my monthly coffee morning with the spouses from my husband job.  This month is was host by both Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Fun fact...did you know eye contacts were invented by a guy from the Czech Republic? I just guessed Read more [...]
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And the Search Continues

If my oldest daughter and I do not kill each other I will be completely amazed! Yes, we are still trying to find the perfect prom dress for the up coming Prom here in a few months.  Yes, it is another country and yes, she already has a date she has already informed me! WHAT? How do you have a date already??? Well you know "D" my unofficial Homecoming date?  He kind of asked me if I wanted to Read more [...]
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