1 Year Ago Today My World Changed Yet Again!

It is hard to believe but one year ago today, we packed our car and our van and drove to move from The Netherlands to Bydgoszcz, Poland!  Yep, I have officially have been in Poland for 365 days!  CRAZY!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would live in Poland.  It is amazing where life can take you at times.

Well I am not going to say this has been an easy year living in Poland.  There have been lots of up’s in the last year but there has also been our share’s of down’s living here.  Luckily the up’s out way the down’s!

This past year, I have been blessed to have learned that there is a lot to say about friendship as I have met some of the nicest people that I have ever met living here!

I have learned that there is more to life then possessions.  You do not have to have the best of the best, that at times less can mean more in the end.

I have learned patience!  Things do not happen over night here in Poland, they will happen when they happen.

I have learned to cook some amazing food while here.  Homemade food always tastes so much better!

I have learned I was blessed to be raised in the USA but living here as given me a great appreciation for many different things that I took for granted!

I have learned that I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband and kids that has gone through this year with me!

I have learned that I take too many pictures!!! (It only took me an hour to get these collages put together!)

Here is what 365 days in Poland looked like to me…

So to all my Polish friends that I have made this past year, “THANK YOU!

love kelley
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4 Responses to 1 Year Ago Today My World Changed Yet Again!

  1. Adam says:

    Congratulations that you survived one year so far from your homeland, in place that you probably hasn’t heard before !
    So I think that is time for two things: to learn polish and to stay in Poland for a long time.

    • Adam,

      Well I officially beat you to learning the language. I started Polish lessons at the University of Kasmir the Great about 2 months ago and it has been interesting to say the least! Now as for living here a long time, well that is up for debate. I see us staying for a few more years but longer than that is still up for debate!

  2. Joanna W says:

    Dear Kelley! I found your blog unexpectedly, and I need to say I am very impressed with the way you deal with everyday polish life! I am a Pole myself, living in Bydgoszcz for four years now, and most of the time I agree with your opinions and views. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read about your trip to hospital( I must admit, Polish health system is a big suprise for me as well! I used to live in Great Britain for quite some time ad therefore I can compare the two:)) anyways, it is good to see that someone who’s not from here is enjoying Bydgoszcz. I love living here and I don’t think I would swap it for London again:)))all the best! Lookin’ forward to read your next posts!

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