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Pierogies, Pierogies and more Pierogies

If I don’t eat another pierogi for the next month, I will be completely OK with that after my pierogi making get together last night! Once a month the church missionaries do something called “Culture Night.” This is something where … Continue reading

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I will be the first to admit that at times I am lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. I love the thought of calling up a local restaurant to deliver dinner to our house.  But wait, I don’t speak … Continue reading

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Where are you from?

The other afternoon the girls and I were out for a walk here in town and we ran into one of the sets of our church missionaries here in town.  We did not recognize one the young men as they … Continue reading

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Time to Cook…Pancake & Bacon Dippers

I wish I could give credit where credit is due for this recipe but a friend posted this idea on Facebook the other week and this friend post a LOT to Facebook and I can not find it on her … Continue reading

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Doll Clothes Superstore

One of the perks of raising 3 girls is lots of shopping for dresses.  All 3 of my girls are are girly girls but my youngest 2 LOVE to wear dresses when and where ever they can.   Yes church … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung in Poland

I think winter is officially gone (at least I am hoping so) and spring has sprung in Poland. As there was plenty to do inside my house got chores, it was just too nice to do anything inside. First stop, … Continue reading

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Fun Facts about Poland

The other day one of my Polish blog readers sent me a link that he thought I might enjoy reading. The link went to a Tumbler account “This is Poland!” It was a bunch fun facts about Poland.  Some of … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby in Poland

I have mentioned before one of the stores I miss the most from the USA is Hobby Lobby.  When we went back to the USA last August to visit family one of the places I wanted/needed to shop at was … Continue reading

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Off the Polish Emergency Room

Last weekend we had some excitement in our house.  At 6 o’clock in the morning my husband woke me up and said, “you need to get up and take me to a doctor or emergency room or whatever to get … Continue reading

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Well it is finally here

For those of you who are fans on my Facebook Fan page, earlier this week I mentioned that some changes were coming to my blog. Well they are HERE!!! I started this blog a little over 2 years ago to … Continue reading

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Ranch dressing is here in Poland

A few weeks ago my favorite grocery store chain here in town, Lidl, was having “American Week” special.  They were selling all sorts of foods that are “American” in their eyes.  Now this is not the first time they have … Continue reading

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A Quick Trip to Slovakia & the Czech Republic

No, I really did not make a quick trip to Slovakia or to the Czech Republic yesterday but I was able to learn a few things about each of the countries as it was time for my monthly coffee morning with the … Continue reading

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And the Search Continues

If my oldest daughter and I do not kill each other I will be completely amazed! Yes, we are still trying to find the perfect prom dress for the up coming Prom here in a few months.  Yes, it is … Continue reading

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Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

I have been contacted by several friends and family from all over the world about the situation in the Ukraine wondering if I am worried about how close we are to the whole situation.  I have also have had several … Continue reading

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Happy Women’s Day from Poland

Yesterday and today it is not uncommon to see men walking around town carrying some flowers and/or chocolate or women carrying some flowers and/or chocolate.  Why because it is Women’s Day here in Poland along with several other countries!  March … Continue reading

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I am officially addicted

Hi, my name is Kelley and I am  a second shopping for Polish table linens addict! I love table linens!  I love the fact that just by changing a tablecloth on a table the whole look of a room can change. … Continue reading

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Is it TK Maxx or TJ Maxx?

I never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would wake up early to drive 40 minutes to another town(Torun) to stand in a line for a grand opening of store but I did today! One of … Continue reading

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Well that was a surprise!

It is hard to believe but our oldest daughter turned 18 on Sunday!  I am starting to feel old now. One of the cons of living here for her is that since there was no school for her here in … Continue reading

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