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Ristorante del Mercato

The other day I went to another “till we meet again” dinner.  This time it was one of my dearest friends that I have made here in Poland.  Her husband works with mine and they are from Slovakia.  When we … Continue reading

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Tomato Rut

Yet another perk of us moving last summer into this new house is that we are able to have a nice little container garden in the front part of our house.  When we were living in the US we always … Continue reading

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Warsaw Planetarium

When we were at the science museum in Warsaw last week we also went and did the planetarium which is attached to the museum. Since my husband’s foot is still quite sore from when he broke it 8 weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Copernicus Science Museum Time

As you could tell by my last post we spent the latter part of last week in Warsaw, Poland. For all of you who sent me messages, THANKS!  She made it safely to the US and is already enjoying shopping … Continue reading

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A Long 5 Hours

What a sad day yesterday was in more ways than one.  I am having a hard time trying to word this post. We were at the Warsaw airport doing this… “L” is going to be doing her university studies in … Continue reading

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Bydgoszcz Busker Fest 2014

Where to start about our last Saturday? My hubby had to work on Saturday so the girls and I had some free time to fill.  Luckily it was the Busker Festival time here in Bydgoszcz and 2 years ago we went … Continue reading

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Bonfires, Bread and Beer

Saturday night we were off to enjoy a bonfire at one of my husband’s co-workers house.  We have had lots of dinners at friends houses and we have hosted lots of bbq’s at our house but we had yet to … Continue reading

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American Girl Sweepstakes

It has been a CRAZY week in our house as we have some guests in town visiting so our days lately have been sightseeing with them, so hence the reason for not a whole lot of posts this week! BUT … Continue reading

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STUDIO Pod Labedziem

Well yesterday we finally picked up “L’s” Senior/Graduation pictures and all I can say is… WOW, she is defiantly not my baby anymore! Last week I talked about the pictures that STUDIO Pod Labedziem did for my oldest daughter and here … Continue reading

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She is Not My Baby

Tuesday evening “L” and I did yet another tradition of being a high school Senior….SENIOR PICTURES!!! In the US a lot of kids in their last year of high school during this senior year do a photo shoot with nice … Continue reading

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I Just Want to Cry

How easily do I cry? Where the Red Fern Grows, The Green Mile, Pay it Forward, The Patriot and 17 Miracles are instant tear jerker movies for me. When I go on the Godvine website and watch dog rescue’s I better have … Continue reading

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Time to Visit…Tyrcz Pottery

Yes, there are still more shops in Boleslawiec that I have yet too talk about and YES, there even more that I will be blogging about here soon. If you are looking for unique one of a kind pieces of … Continue reading

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Where Did The Year Go

Last Friday was finally the last day of school here in Poland for my youngest 2 girls!  Yes, it seems like they go to school FOREVER here compared to the US since most of my friends back home kids have … Continue reading

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