30 Ways an Expat Knows They Live in Poland!

30 Ways an Expat Knows They Live in Poland!

If you have never lived in Poland before, you just won’t understand
30 Reasons you know you’re an American Family living in Poland (or have lived in Poland)…

1. Ausfahrt isn’t funny anymore when you drive to Germany, and roundabouts are second nature.
2. You no longer mind the person behind or next to you only giving you half an inch of space.
3.  You know a “milk bar” is not a bar that serves milk.
4. You judge mustard by how well it opens your sinuses.
5. Driving on a 2 land highway you feel like you are in a NASCAR race.

6. You ALWAYS shop a few days before a holiday because if not the only thing you will be able to buy on a holiday is vodka.
7. Eating bread spread with pig fat is normal.
8. You forgot how to use round doorknobs.
9. You forget how to flush a toilet that doesn’t have a push button.
10. 50 MPH seems like you’re driving really, really fast.
11. You no longer think it is strange that beer and water are the same price.
12. Even at home you don’t put ice in your drinks.
13. You NEVER shop the day before a Polish holiday or you will be in line for at least 20 minutes to check out.

14. You never leave home without your keys, resident card, license, and passport.
15. You think nothing of it eating 6 jam filled donuts on one day in February and will stand in line 15 minutes to get the perfect ones.
16. You think it is natural to pass Army vehicles on the highway.
17. You answer the phone “Tak(yes)” instead of Hello.
18. You need a power drill and sledgehammer to hang a picture on the wall.
19. You rig your lawnmower and vacuum cleaner to give you an electrical shock if you try to operate them on Sundays.

20. If some does not have their headlights on, you flash yours at them.
21. Christmas without eating herring and New Years without fireworks is incomplete.
22. You say “Pa Pa” instead of say Good Bye.
23. Your children no longer say please or thank you … it is proze and dziekuje.
24. You wonder how you ever lived without a fenced in yard.
25. You wear a scarf every singe day …. even in the summer.
26. You plan your route around toll roads.
27. If you hear someone speaking English you run up to them and introduce yourself.
28. You own shoes just for walking …. and know you will walk everywhere.
29. You no longer need google translate at the grocery store
and last but but not least ….
30. You have said out loud at least once …. Damn Americans!!

If you live in Poland is there any more I should add to the list?

love kelley
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15 Responses to 30 Ways an Expat Knows They Live in Poland!

  1. Joanna W says:

    Your list is absolutely spot-on!!!Love it:)

  2. Teresa says:

    Loved your list – made me laugh & want to have a stay in Poland. Especially liked your comment about the roundabout. We introduced one for the first time in my city (Northern Ontario, Canada) on route to the university – no one here knows what to do with it! (some days it makes me laugh, other days it brings out a frustrated comment.) We had a lot of practice with them during visits to England and Scotland so of course consider ourselves old pros at going round and round.
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  3. Adam says:

    Except the second part of point 6 everything looks interesting and truly.
    I can add quotation from my former English teacher (from Arkansas) – 100 km in Europe is as 1000 km in USA , 100 years in USA is as 1000 in Europe.

  4. Paweł says:

    Roundabout is a piece of cake, really. It’s the so called “magic roundabout” that is scary:

  5. Aly says:

    This is awesome! I’m actually from Poland but I live in Vienna… still I can agree with everything on your list! haha :D
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  6. Wonderful read, thank you! And this is what we expats are doing in Poland this year – a unique festival celebrating multicultural life :)

  7. Rebecca says:

    Great list! Back in the US now and I still pay for everything with exact change!

  8. Steve K says:

    When the local market gets a new food new item (that you can get at any market in the US) – you feel such excitement, you lose it and buy it irregardless. Item this weekend was Shitake mushrooms at the Rynek market.

    Steve – Wroclaw Poland from NYC.

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