7th Birthday Polish Style

It’s hard to believe but our little girl turns 7 years old today.  Living here in Bydgoszcz for only last 9 weeks telling a soon to be 7 year old little girl that we don’t knew where to throw a Birthday party for here is just was going to happen.  Her little sister was invited a birthday party about a month ago for a fellow classmate and Ella didn’t forget about it! So Family Park here we come (aka polish version of Chuck Cheese without the pizza and McDonald’s play-areas without the Happy Meals.)

So off I go to Family Park to try to book a birthday party with my limited Polish!  Well to my surprise some of the staff spoke English but then again when most of the staff is under 21 by the looks of it, English is usually not a problem.

And away we go!.

Ella and AnnaFleur with a friend at the entrance to Family Park and yes it was a wee bit cold that afternoon, -9 C on Saturday.

All kids getting a welcome from our 2 party hosts.  These 2 were amazing!  They watch those 15 kids like hawk.   Jim and I didn’t have to lift a finger the whole 2 hours of the party.

Here the birthday child is the king/queen for the day.  So the entire party went on stage to sing Happy Birthday to Ella in Polish and English.  I was amazed how much Polish the girls have learned the 9 weeks we have been here.  They both knew how to sing in Polish from the few parties that we have already been too.

Now it is time to make a wish!  Yes, that is a firework on top of her cake.  The only bad part of the party is your are not allowed to bring your own cake in.  So no American birthday cake this year!

After that we went off to our own private party room.  They have 6 different themed rooms to choose from.  Of course Ella choose the Princess room.  Here they had lots of snacks and juice for the kids to eat. (and for parents to snack on!)

Ella showing off her cake name plate.  Pure chocolate so she was in HEAVEN!

Jim taking with some friends of ours.  They are another American family here from where Jim works.  While there might not be many Americans here we are a tight bunch.  I am thankful for people like them that have just welcomed us with such open arms! The rest of the parents were smart and huge out in another room that had sofas, table’s and T.V.’s and enjoyed coffee and left over birthday cake.

Present time!

After presents they took them to do some bowling.  No strikes that day.

The girls being girls.

Then it was off to drive the go-karts.  Do you think Ella is having fun?

AnnaFleur and her Korean friend(one of the reason why I love here we have ALL nationalities here!) driving their go-kart.  AnnaFleur has NO fear at all, she a speed demon on the cart.

Then it was off to shoot Nerf like balls at each other in another room.  Have I mentioned I don’t have to do a thing during this party?  Our 2 party hosts totally kept the kids in control the entire time.

They say a man’s work is never done.  Well here is good ole’ dad having to quick do a thing or two for work, unfortunately.  And yes he has blue shoe covers on because outside shoes are not allowed to keep everything clean.  So your options are no shoes and only socks or shoe covers.  During the winter time I highly recommend keeping your shoes on, it’s a bit chilly in there.

After all the playing, it’s time for more food!  The kids got to choose from chicken strips or fish sticks and fries.  Or course 14 kids chose chicken!

Now that the offiical birthday party was done, it was finally time for this….a HUGE play area that the girls get lost in for hours.  “Heaven” through a child’s eyes!

AnnaFleur thinking ” Are these real??  Inside they had this cute little fish pond with Koi fish.

AnnaFleur is glued to this drumming game. We might have a future drummer on our hands!

Yes, even in Poland there is access to a sugar high! They were only 3zt each(about $1.)  These kids for the most part weren’t going home with me, so why not give them a sugar high?

So this is what a 7 year old looks like when you tell her it is time to go after being there for 4 hours!  “But mom, do we have too? It’s my birthday and I can do what ever I want!”  Mom – “1….2……….”

Overall I think Ella and her 14 friends had a great time at Family Park.  After seeing how they destroyed Family Park, Jim and I think it was worth the little bit of extra money not to destroy our house!  Now time to start planning Lydia’s sweet 16 birthday for March

For more information about Family Park here in Bydgoszcz here is a link to their site…http://www.familypark.pl/  If you don’t read Polish, open the site up through Google and it will automatic translate to what ever language you read.

love kelley
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