A visit to…Ciechocinek, Poland

Last Saturday we went out to explore the Polish country side with our dear friends Athur & Kornilea.  All we were told was to wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes that there would be an area for the kids to play and that the dog should come with us.   We went to their house and followed them to our destination which was Ciechocink, Poland.

If I need to get away for the day I know where go!  This is a cute little city not to far from us.  The city dates back to 1379.  The towers were built starting in 1824.  These towers drip down saltwater from the underground saltwater springs that they have.  So the air you are breathing in is full of saline which is known to have lots of healing properties.  So you will see lots of older people who live there as well as lots of tourists who are there for a few days at one of the many spa’s in the area.  We had to pay 4 zlotys for each of us adults to walk around the towers but all 9 children(this is not a typo) where FREE.    There were several benches for people to sit on all around the towers and breath in the air.  You can also climb to the top of one of the towers and get a view of the countryside. People also go up to the top for a great sunbathing area.  Right in the middle of the 3 towers is a little restaurant and a neat playground area(only for customers of the restaurant) .  After a walk around the city to look at their neat old buildings and beautiful parks we spend the majority of our time just hanging out playing football, teaching our Polish friends about baseball, the kids playing on the playground, talking and of course eating.

Here a few pictures of the sights of Ciechocinek and how we spent our wonderful day there!

For more information about Ciechocinek click HERE to go to the city’s website.  It is in 5 languages!

I see a spa day in my near future!  

When was the last time you had a day to yourself and what did you do?

love kelley
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3 Responses to A visit to…Ciechocinek, Poland

  1. Marta says:

    Hello there!

    What a lovely photos! I’m glad you’ve visited my city. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

    Marta recently posted..Sanatoria w CiechocinkuMy Profile

  2. Marta says:

    You should check out Villa Park. I’m sure you’ll love it :-)
    Marta recently posted..Trasy rowerowe w okolicach CiechocinkaMy Profile

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