A Day of Highs and Lows!

Yesterday was a day that showed me the highs of living here in Poland as well and the lows of living in Poland!

The morning started out with a BIG BANG(the positive of the day)!  I was able to got to a local children’s hospital here in Bydgoszcz and present the cancer treatment ward with a brand new laptop and accessories.  This was the other organization that the spouses club I am involved with here choose to help support this year.  Through our charity efforts throughout the last few months we were able to purchase them this much needed computer to allow the children to keep in touch with family and friends while they are in isolation or far away for them.

Here I am along with one of department heads as well the 2 charity committee chairs with the spouses club. Sitting with us is “Richard” who is currently going through cancer treatments. Once he was told what was in the box, he had the biggest smile!

Then right after that was the negative of the day!  My husband, my daughter and I met up with the missionaries from our church for lunch to say good-bye to one of them.  Elder Tingy on Wednesday will be leaving us and moving to Pozan area of Poland.  Every 3 months or so the missionaries wait to get a call from our Mission President here in Poland to find out if they have been reassigned to a different area of Poland.  Since we have 4 young men here we typically will lose 1 or 2 of them.  Since we lost 1 a few weeks ago, we had our fingers crossed we wouldn’t lose any this time around but no such luck!  So we asked what his favorite restaurant was in town so we could take him out for one last meal with him before he leaves.  He wanted Pizza Hut!  He hadn’t ate there yet since he had been here as it is an expensive place to eat on their tight budget.  Him and my husband talked about Pizza Hut the other day as they have a new pizza out with a crust made of cheese bits, so that was on his mind for the last couple of days, so my husband was MORE than excited to take him and the rest of the missionaries for lunch there.  Well the pizza was OK the company and conversations were even better!  After a nice conversation and pizza it was time to say “Good-Bye” so they could go off to the local internet cafe and shoot their once a week emails back home to family and friends.   But on a positive note, we will get 2 new missionaries on Wednesday!

Here we are saying to good-bye to Elder Tingy!  He is going to be missed here!

Being an expat has lots of positive and negatives and day was one day that had both!

Who is hardest person who have ever had to say “good-bye” to?  Me, it was when I was 18 and I was moving to Berlin, Germany with my new husband of 3 months and I was at the airport with my parents and having to say good-bye to them.  I think it was the first time I had seen my dad cry(Ok he wasn’t crying his eyes where just really watery!) or was it a year and a half ago when I put my son on the airplane back to the US to go to university(now I know what it was like for my parents when they put me on the airplane).

love kelley
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