A Day With Lots of “Downs”!

Yesterday was another day with lots of downs!  I spent the majority of the day with one of my girls on her class field trip.  Now this was not just a day to the zoo or to the movies, we went to an outdoor museum that showed houses from different parts of the world and how they relate to Polish history.  The classes are studying about houses so this tied in perfectly!  The thought of riding on the bus for 2.5 hours with 20 kids did not sound real appealing but I am not sure if we would make there as a family so I jumped at the opportunity to go!  That and to spend a whole day with one of kids is not one you want to pass up.

Now were did go exactly???? You will have to wait until next week for my blog post about this interesting place here in Poland.

And away we go!!

First up, world’s largest single piece of wood table. 43 meters!!

One of the many houses we saw. This one was from Siberia where the Polish were exiled too, 200+ years ago.

The trains the Polish took to Siberia. I can not imagine the suffering they went through.

Then we came to THIS!!! Yes, the house is upside down and yes, we walked inside it where everything is UPSIDE DOWN!! I got a bit dizzy walking through but is was F-U-N!

We saw the wold’s largest piano too!

Just as our fingers and toes where just about completely frozen through, it was time for a late lunch. I had probably the best cabbage and mushroom pirogi’s I have had yet since moving here!

Then it was time to head back home! I think all the kids had a great time.

Then last night, the other “down” we had was to say good-bye to one of church missionaries.   He is off to Warsaw tomorrow for the next chapter in his mission here in Poland.  We try to always have them over when it is time to leave for one last American meal.  Since the field trip got back a bit later than planned, we just did dessert inside.

Elder Dodge having WAY to much fun with the girls toys.

Elder Raines, writing a note for back home with Elder Dodge making sure he is using the right color combination!

Think he misses home?

Here Elder Gunderson is giving us a quick lesson in Icelandic. He is from Iceland, but spent his first half of his childhood in Denmark, so he speaks Icelandic, Danish, English, German and now Polish!! I love these guys!!!

Here my hubby is doing a crash course in Polish with Elder Dodge. He is the amazing part, he just started his mission here 6 weeks ago and it is hard to believe he only knew the VERY basics if that of the language and now he is able to carry on a conversation!

It was a busy day and boy did I sleep good last night!!  So, now I am off to go through all the pictures I took at yesterday’s field trip, all 250+ of them.  No worries, I will do a complete blog post on where we went as it truly is one in a million place to go!

 If you were given the gift of tongue’s what language(s) would you want to speak?  Me, besides Polish, I would love to speak Norwegian!


love kelley
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7 Responses to A Day With Lots of “Downs”!

  1. Krystian says:

    Oh! I was there last year :) This is Szybark. And these houses were in Wdzydze? I’m not sure. House upside down makes it go round in my head ;)

  2. Anna says:

    Hi Kelley,

    can a girl be a missionary too or is it male-dominated “profession”?

    • Anna,

      Great question! No, there are several girls here in Poland too doing mission work like in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz and a few other places. It is that we have 4 guys here in Bydgoszcz. Also, it is not a “profession” per pay, they are here for 2 years on a volunteer basis. They do not get paid while they are here. They have been saving money for several years to be able to do this. Here is a link telling you more about them. http://mormon.org/missionaries

  3. Ashley Raines-Parshall says:

    Oh – that is my little brother! How have I missed this blog for almost a year?!?! Thank you for posting this. It is like a surprise present late at night :)

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