A Visit to…Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

A Visit to…Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

I mentioned a few weeks ago we went to Bratislava, Slovakia.  One of the things we stumbled upon when walking to the neighborhood grocery store was this…


How pretty is this?

So of course I had to go inside to see what it looked like and this is what I found…


More blue inside!




The front of this AMAZING church.


Now parking around this church is serious business!

Now what is the scoop on this church?  I had to go my handy dandy tour book of the city to see what this place was!

Blue Church is Bratislava’s most attractive Art Nouveau (Secession) building. It is astonishingly blue from pews to the roof.

The official name of the Catholic church built at the beginning of the 20th century and sanctified in 1913 is the Church of St. Elisabeth of Hungary. It was designed by architect Edmund Lechner from Budapest and is considered a great example of Hungarian secession.

The Blue Church’s oval tower is 36.8 metres tall. Interior decorations include the Elisabethan rose. Two coast of arms are displayed – Hungarian and the City of Bratislava. A cricular mosaic of St. Elisabeth can be seen above the portal.

Mass is served at the church regularly. Many Bratislava visitors come to see this landmark (referred to as candy-coloured or fairy-tale), tucked away in quiet streets of the Old Town. Nearby stands a high school building by the same architect.

So there you go!   So if you ever make it to Bratislava, I hope you stumble upon this church like we did!

If you are more of  a direct person here is the address…Bezrucova 2, Bratislava.

love kelley
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  1. Nelleke says:

    Hi could you tell me how the weather is over there , my daughter is flying from the states tofay to poland for a wedding and if i read the weather reports its very bad weather in France , Germany and other eastern countrys , so i thought let me ask you?


    • Nelleke,

      My son is flying from the US to Poland today too!!! The weather is rain today, rain tomorrow and sun on Sunday. This is the first rain we have had so far all spring/summer(or whatever you call it).

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