A Visit To….Ceramika(White Picket Fence) Pottery, Bolesawiec, Poland

A Visit To….Ceramika(White Picket Fence) Pottery, Bolesawiec, Poland

Well we are off to another Polish pottery store!  Yes, there are several stores in Boleslawiec, almost as many fingers and toes I have.

This is another great store to shop at especially if you in a hurry and you can only shop in one store, because this one has it all with a huge selection.  Over the years this store has gotten a nickname of the white picket fence, why?  When you look through the pictures I am sure you will guess why!

The backside of the store where the entrance is.

What is great about this store is they have everything spread out by style and it is not stacked upon each other.  You can easily see what they have and what they don’t have.  They have a lot of the traditional patterns here.

The front side of

If you see this unique tree in the front then you are in the right spot!

They sell lots of cute little Christmas ornaments.

Need a tea-pot, a mug or a serving dish? They have a just a few for you to choose from!

Need a casserole dish? They have a few of those too! Here is what I love about this store, they are spread out all over the floor which makes finding the perfect one so easy! Not real kid friendly!

A few more serving dishes, crosses, and trivets!

How about some cookie jars, butter dishes or some plates?

One of two rooms they have. Notice the round column in the middle? That is their mark down area. They have a bit of everything in there, so you never know what you are going to find! Also to the left is a HUGE selection of serving utensils.

Like I mentioned before this a great store if you are short on time because you do not have to dig for patterns.

Oh, for those of you who take your husband along, they have comfortable chairs in the front area of the store.

This store is not very kid friendly with all the dishes on the floor.  But then again that is why I like this store.

They take US dollars, Zlotys and credit cards.

As for parking there is lots of parking on the backside of the building where the entrance is.

Their address is ulica Kosciuszki 17, Boleslawiec, 59-700

Also, this is right next to another store and across the street from VENA and 3 other ones and a unique antique shop(by Polish standards a bit pricey but for anywhere else GREAT prices)! I have not done blog posts on those stores yet but when I do, I will update this page.

Want to find out about more Polish pottery stores located in Boleslawiec? Click HERE to see a list of all the stores I have done a blog post on!

Have you been to Cermika?  Leave a comment with what you like and don’t like or if have any pointers for shopping there!

love kelley
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11 Responses to A Visit To….Ceramika(White Picket Fence) Pottery, Bolesawiec, Poland

  1. Joy says:

    I really miss going to Poland shopping! :( Thanks for the happy memories.
    Joy recently posted..Rome Day 1My Profile

  2. Myra Jones says:

    Ceramika is my family’s favorite shop there! If you are looking for a specific shape or size of your pattern, this shop will most likely have it.

    I just discovered your blog today. Maybe you could also share on the Bavarian Army Wives Travel page on Facebook? Polish pottery is a hot topic there.

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  4. Dorothy Durkee says:

    Are those by any chance some WR factory designs I see in that shot of baking dishes on the floor? Do the bigger stores carry items from the smaller factories, or do the smaller factories have their own shops? Thanks.

    • Dorothy,

      I wish I could tell you but I do not have a clue. I did not purchase anything from this store except little Easter and Christmas ornaments and they do not have stamps. Most of the stores only carry their pottery. A couple of the stores across the street from this one do carry different factories but for the most part everyone carries their own stuff.

  5. Alicia says:

    Is this store open on Sundays? I cant find their website to verify their hours.

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