A visit to…Noah’s Ark in Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Last week when we were in the Netherlands, top on my list of things to do was to go to see the full scale replica of Noah’s ark, Ark Van Noach.  While living in the Netherlands over the past 3 years I would watch and hear about this ark being built.  Luckily for us, the ark was finally open to the public 2 weeks ago on July 9, 2012.  So while my husband was away the kids and I met up with another friend and boarded a train to head up to Dordrecht to see this marvelous creation.  An hour and half later we were finally there to see the ark with our own eyes.  Now Noah’s Ark is one of my favorite stories to read in the bible but to see a full-scale replica of the ark is nothing like I imagined.  The ark was built with the measurements given in the bible and nothing modern was used to build it, just like Noah would have used.  I did not even see a doorknob on a door just a piece of wood used to open a door.  The doors did not even have hinges they had a wood stump pulley system, so it is pretty authentic.

Now I will be the first to admit it is kind of pricey for admission €12.50 ($15.17) for adults(13+) and €7.50($9.10) for children 3-12. 2 years and under are free.  But this is once in a lifetime so it was worth it too me.  We were there for about 3 hours so we got our money worth.  Since the ark just opened you can see they have more work to do and they were busy at work when we were there, so over time this is going to be AMAZING!  So next summer when we go back to the Netherlands, we might have to head up that way to see what more neat things were added.

Here are just a FEW of the pictures I took of our day at the Ark Van Noach!

As you can see we had GREAT afternoon at the ark! So if you are in the Netherlands area or you go there on holiday try to spend an afternoon at the ark, you will not be disappointed.

For more information about Ark Van Noach, go to their website HERE.  The site is in Dutch, English, French and German.

What animal are you thankful for Noah saving?  Me, sloths!  They stink horribly but are so cute.

love kelley
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10 Responses to A visit to…Noah’s Ark in Dordrecht, the Netherlands

  1. Michele B says:

    Oh what a wonderful visit. I love the pictures. I never realized how large the ARK was. Thank you for sharing.
    Michele B recently posted..Cash Out & Paid @ OpinionSquare!My Profile

  2. Kim-Bloggity Blog says:

    I really enjoyed reading this when you first posted it on Facebook. What a wonderful adventure that must have been!

  3. Kathy says:

    This is really amazing. I found it through pinterest, though the picture was all that showed up. Had to dig a little to find your website.

    Amazing. Simply amazing. I, too, love the story of the Ark in the Bible!

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Sofia says:

    You have just given me another reason to visit the Netherlands!! This would be such an amazing trip! And I am grateful that lions were allowed in!! Sad that they forgot about the unicorns though ;)
    Sofia recently posted..The one about gross food.My Profile

  5. Alisha T says:

    Where can I buy tickets for this? I searching online but not having much luck. Thanks.

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