A visit to….Silverado City, Poland

Growing up in North Dakota I was surrounded by cowboys and Indian heritage, we saw this everyday in our lives.  A few weeks ago Groupon had a deal for a western themed park just 40 minutes from our house, Silverado City,  I purchased it to take my kids to check the park out and to see if Polish cowboys and Indians are different than US ones.  So last weekend my kids and I went to go check it out.

It was easy to find because there were great signs pointing the direction to go on the road.  We drove up to the location and parked the car and this is what we saw….

Small but still looked neat.  Unfortunately once we walked through the fence it kind of went down hill from there.

As I mentioned I bought a Groupon coupon(85 zlotys) to go to this.  The dates it was valid from was June 12 – July 31, 2012.  It did not have any date restrictions listed on the coupon (I am an avid Groupon person so I know to read the fine print).  When we went they were not accepting them because they had some special program going on that day which I did not know about.  Mind you when we went it was the 28th of July and my son was leaving the 30th for Hungry for a church conference so was the only day we could use it before it expired and we had already drove 40 minutes to get there and the 2 little ones were REALLY excited to see the horses!  So I paid for regular admission to get in.

Regular ticket: 15 zł / person      Reduced ticket: 12 zł / per person *     Family ticket: 45 zł / 2 + 2 persons **

* Reduced ticket: children under 18 years, students, pensioners  **children

  Since my husband stayed home it cost us 57 zlotys to get in.  I know that does not sound like a lot of money but by Polish standards it is not cheap but when you have already paid 85 zlotys for a coupon to get in,  it was a bit frustrating.

  When we got in we saw this…

It was a typical old country themed town.  Neat buildings to walk around in as well as activities for the kids.  Now everything is in Polish nothing is in English and most of the staff that we talked too did not speak English but we still managed with my broken Polish.  The staff was very friendly and you can tell they enjoy what they are doing.   It seemed about every 30 minutes are so they did some kind of show or activity.  They showed how to lasso with a few adults and then they had the kids run in the open area while the cowboys tried to lasso them up.  Then a while later they preformed a show with bad guys, sheriffs and hero’s!   The show was about 15 minutes long and it kept our attention and none of us really knew what they were saying.

During the down time between the different events you can walk around the city and do activities.  Now I looked at their site and it listed different activities that you can do with the prices it costs to do them, most were 4 zlotys and a few were 8 zlotys.  To see the link with their activities click HERE.  But here is where they get you….that these are the only things you can do!  There are no FREE things to do expect for a small play area and a small petting zoo area.  Now if I just paid 57 zlotys to get in I expect a few things for my kids to do but nope!  So next thing you know it I am having to pay more money just so my kids can do an activity or two.  We did paintball (19 year old’s dream) and the little ones made their own Silverado coin.   They had many other activities listed but I wasn’t sure where they were  as some had signs easy to read to where they were at and others not so much.

Inside they did have an ice cream shop, a snack area and of course a souvenir shop.  All 3 were reasonably priced from what I saw walking through them.  We did not get anything as they already got enough zlotys from me for the day!    We were there about one and half hours which was enough for us.  We easily could have spent more time there if we did some of the other activities but I guess I was just frustrated.  When you spend that kind of money to get in only to have to spend more money to do any sort of activity is just a bit disappointed.

Overall it was neat to do, my little ones enjoyed it, my son had a great time taking some neat pictures and my daughter well she is 16 does she enjoy anything?  I don’t see us going again there unless something REALLY special is happening there.

For more information about Silverado City click HERE to go to their website. (Remember if you use Google Chrome it will automatically translate it for you from Polish)

Here are some pictures from our adventure!


Neat picnic area

Mom, look at what our brother did to us?

Lasso lessons

The girls trying to out run the cowboys!

Yes, they even had Indians there (ok Polish men with wigs on but close)

For some reason “I am so lonely” song comes to mind looking at the donkey.

AnnaFleur making her coin

Show time!

Can you imagine him for a REAL sheriff?

Yes there was even an exploding outhouse in the show!

Thanks for a GREAT show!



love kelley
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