A visit to….The Money Museum (Europejskie Centrum Pieniądza)

The other day I went with my daughter and the local Spouses Club that I participate in to explore a local museum, The Money Museum is on Mill Island here in Bydgoszcz.  This is just one of the many museums on Mill Island.

This neat museum is inside the former Bydgoszcz Mint.  At one time this mint was the only mint in Poland.

There are 2 floors in the building.  The first one showed us how ration cards worked at one time in the country during the communism times because the thought then was that no one needed money to purchase most items and that everyone was equal (too a point).  For example if you were working you got 600 grams of bread but if you were not working you only got 400 grams.  Now the kicker is if you were German you only got 200 grams, you have to remember this was after WWII!  On this floor they also showed us different coins and paper currency throughout the years in Poland.  Then we had to walk outside and go to the backside of the building to go to the bottom floor and walked into a room full of weird-looking contraptions that to me looked like torture devices but in reality they were used to press coins.  They also had an old coin press and we were lucky enough to make our own coins.  The off to the second room where there was lots of different medieval coins and a neat 3D hologram.

Much of the museum is in English so even without a tour guide you would be able to understand a good share of the museum.

For more information about the museum click HERE.


Do you collect any coins?  

My husband and I try to get 1 of each of the different coins from all the different countries we have been too.

love kelley
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  1. That is so neat!

    I’m so very interested in the historical aspect of Poland and other countries and cultures-This would definitely be something I’d love to see one day :)

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    Love your blog and reading your adventures!

    I would love if you would consider co-hosting my Travel Tuesday hop. I am looking for people to help me promote it. Let me know.

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