A Visit to…Upside Down House!

A Visit to…Upside Down House!

A few week ago, I had the privilege to go on a school field trip with my daughter’s class.  When I got the permission slip it said that they were going to the “Upside Down House.”  What?  Yes, it is a house that is upside down according to her teacher.  So needless to say this I had to see in person!


It was a typical Polish day, snow and cold. I saw this deer on the way up to the house.


Woo Hoo, we are getting closer!


It seems strange to see buses in Russian! Can you tell we are really close to the Russian border?


The kids got a bit excited when they saw this trailer! Good thing it was closed for the winter or we would have been there for ever with the kids.


During the summer this is the normal ticket office. But for some CRAZY reason it is closed during the winter and you get your tickets in souvenir shop. Why won’t there be a lot of visitors this time of year?


Hi Ho off to the souvenir shop!


Photo opportunity!


The world’s longest single piece of wood table, 36 meters!


This area of Poland has their own language. Here our guide is singing their alphabet with pictures to help us understand it more. Defiantly an interesting language.


They had a neat picture story board of how the table was made.


In the same building they had a bbq area that during peak tourist season you can buy a sausage and grill it yourself. Smelled like heaven!


In the bbq area they had a display area that they kids liked.


Off to our first house! This was brought all the way from Siberia! This is about 200 years old. When the Poles were exiled to Siberia this is how they lived in the cold.


Inside of the house, small and COLD! The white box is the oven/fireplace/furnace/bed all in one! They slept on top of it too keep warm.


The trains that they took the Poles to Siberia in. 40+ people would be in one car!


This was the bathroom in the box car. A small hole in the middle of the car.


I can imagine what they went through back then.


And our next house.


Inside this house.


Going into the Canadian cabin.

Inside the cabin.  The kids could not get over how low the ceiling was.

Inside the cabin. The kids could not get over how low the ceiling was.


Here is the attic part of the house that they kids wanted to see what was up there, so I took a picture to show them as you can’t climb up there.


Next up, an under ground bunker!


Going deep into the bunker. The tunnels are just a bit on the small side, huh?


Inside the bunker. They turned off all the lights and for 2 minutes they a recording of how it would have been like for soldiers going a blitz.  I have heard these kids so quite before!


A display of what it would have looked like in the bunker.


We walked out from the bunker and turned the corner and saw this!! CRAZY!! The house is really upside down.


Inside the house!


My daughter saying, “Mom, I am getting dizzy and my stomach does not feel so good.” I was feeling the say way! It is amazing what illusions can do to the mind.


I think the kids enjoyed this house!


The second floor of the house, which displayed a few pictures.


Our guide, who is standing straight.


A neat church.


Now off to another building to see the world’s largest piano.


Who would imagine the world’s largest piano would be in Poland?


They even brew their own beer here!


And yet another neat building.


Lunch time! I got pierogies. These were some of the best I have had here in Poland.

One last stop the souvenir shop!

One last stop the souvenir shop!



FINALLY, time to go home!!

Looks like a neat place, huh?

To find out more about the Centre of Education and Regional Promotion – Szymbark, click HERE.
We had a great time and I know this will be on our summer to do list when it gets warmer outside so we can really enjoy the park!
What school field trip do you remember having the most fun on?  Mine, I am to old to remember any from my school days but from kids trips, I would have to say when I went with son to these underground caves in Holland a few years ago.

love kelley
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3 Responses to A Visit to…Upside Down House!

  1. Susan Anderson says:

    Hi, I am a potter and poet of Polish ancestry. I live in a suburb of Boston MA. I found your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy going to it to see what’s happening in your part of Poland. My website shows what I have done in clay. I’m looking forward to “visiting” the Polish ceramic works on your site! Stay warm and dry! :-)Susan

  2. Crazy illusion! I think I would have felt a bit sick as well haha.
    Dawn @ Volunteer Abroad recently posted..Volunteer With Animals In ChinaMy Profile

  3. Brenda says:

    Wow. This is incredibly interesting. I love the history at this park and the peculiarness of the upside down house. Wish I could visit.

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