Amber Jewelry Oh Yes!

Just a few pieces of jewelry to choose from!

Amber Jewelry Oh Yes!

One of the items most people buy when visiting Poland is Amber jewelry  Before moving to Poland I had heard of Amber jewelry but never really gave it much thought.  Well if you have ever visited Warsaw or Gdansk you will seen just a FEW stores selling Amber jewelry or items made from Amber stones.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, knows a friend who is an Amber jeweler wholesaler here in Poland.  So she asked if I would like to do an Amber jewelry party at my house, well she did not have to ask me twice!  I jumped at the offer.

I learned more about Amber than I ever thought I would that afternoon.  Who knew that green Amber is actually painted?

I had a great couple of hours with GREAT friends, GREAT food and most importantly GREAT jewelry!

2 different colors of Amber stones. The white is Amber in the natural state.


Amber Cuff links!

Green Amber, LOVELY!!

One of my new pieces!!

Now that is a BIG pendant!

We were charged based on weight! So is one of the ladies getting her stuff weighed.

This is on my wish list for next time!!!

Yet another lovely piece that went home with someone that came to the party.

Interesting combination.

As you can see there was quite the selection!  I was not prepared to have the kind of selection!!!  Good thing he didn’t take credit cards or I would have been in BIG trouble with the husband.

What is your favorite stone? Mine, besides diamonds it would be opals!!

love kelley
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  2. Lana Wimmer says:

    Lovely. I bought some amber in a market in Vienna that I still love to wear. I’ve never seen green amber though, wow, gorgeous!

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