American groceries according to the Polish

Yesterday morning I got my weekly grocery ad for a store called “Lidl” here in Bydgoszcz.  Now for those that live in Europe it is a chain that has been in almost every country that we have visit.  It is a  no frill chain much like “Aldi” in the states, which is actually a European chain.

I remember before moving here, in Holland the Lidl’s there would have these “American Food” sales too but they did not have quite the selection.  So the girls and I went for a walk and headed to the store to see what they had.  Well here is what is “American” in their eyes.


So here is the scoop how they taste…
1. The peanut butter is just like ours but the everyday Polish peanut butter is not so this wins!

2. The mustard taste just the Heinz version.

3. The ranch is just a bit runnier than Hidden Valley but taste the same or even better according to my 15 year old. They don’t sell ranch here normally so we will be stocking up on this!

4. The honey mustard tastes like vinegar so that is going to disappear.

5. The American ketchup is actually curry ketchup. I LOVE curry ketchup(living in Holland that is the main ketchup so I am hooked) but it is defiantly not Heinz 57.

6. The BBQ is BBQ and we haven’t found that over here either so we will be getting some more of that too!

7. The sandwich spread is just the sandwich spread you get in jar back in the states. I grew up with it so I love this!!

8. Pancake mix we have made yet but it will be dinner tonight , so I will let you know. I am hoping it is because we can only get crepe mix here.

tSnack Food

Now according the kids this food is the best part!

1. The jelly beans are jelly beans, go figure!  You can get them here everyday so this was nothing new.

2.  The Brownies tasted just like my box mix that I made last week.  Yes, I moved here with some, a girl can’t live without her chocolate!

3.  Oreo’s where OK.  They have real Oreo’s here and I think we will be sticking to those.

4.  The marshmallow’s are marshmallow’s, we normally can’t get just plain one’s here as they have flavored one’s as a candy here.  So we will be going back to get some more of these too for a few recipes.

5. The caramel popcorn is GREAT!!  That is something that is not here either so this was a treat.

6. The pretzel bites were interesting.  I have never heard of sour cream and habanero before , so we had to try them.  They were actually good.   The funny thing about all of this is that this was the only product made in the U.S.A. the rest was made in the U.K. or mostly Germany.

7. The muffin mix we haven’t tried yet is on the list for my oldest to cook this week.

Frozen Food

1. They have chicken strips here everyday so I wasn’t sure what the draw to these one were but they were great!  These had a flavoring to them and my little’s ate the whole box themselves.

2. The popcorn prawns were really good to according to my oldest.   I am not a shrimp person so I will just take her word on it.  I have not seen these here either so she wants me to stock up on these too.

3. The rib burger we didn’t try that as that will wait until the hubby gets back from his trip.   He liked the McDonald’s McRib when they came out so we will have to see if these are just as good.

4. The spare ribs – the same story!

5. The fajitas just sounded really good.  I had 1 of the chicken versions last night and it was OK.  Nothing to write home about but good enough for a blog though! As for the sour cream and vegetable one we have to wait and see on that one.

6. The ice cream sundaes.  Ice cream is ice cream in my eyes but now if you as the girls these were the best!  I think it was the neat cups and the cute swirl of syrup that the girls liked.

So it was great to try what others think is American but I think I will stick to some of my old American food staples instead.

So what one American food could you not live without if you moved out the the USA or if you already are living out of the USA what one American food do you miss the most?  For me Reese’s peanut butter cups!!

love kelley
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18 Responses to American groceries according to the Polish

  1. dena says:

    Oh how I giggled at your blog! Ran to Lidl the first time I saw “American week” only to find bbque sauce, mustard, and bagels. That’s it, nothing more. Bought the bagels as we can’t get those anywhere. I just miss SPICE, something hot and tangy!

  2. Lois B says:

    Strange as it sounds, i bring back cream of tartar and karo syrup. It’s surprising how quickly I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feed a family. I don’t buy that much in a month! :)

  3. Marianne says:

    I love this, review by an American of the food we Europeans think are American. ;-) The German Lidl has mor of that than the American Lidl. As to Lois B, I don’t know whether you are looking in Poland or in the rest of Europe, pecans are usually available in the baking sections of larger supermarkets (but I don’t know about Poland).

  4. That is so neat! We had an exchange student once from Germany. She fell in love with peanut butter. When she went home my parents sent her a couple things of peanut butter, and she would periodically write and ask for more, lol.

  5. sandy b says:

    Me, I don’t like the peanut butter in the Netherlands, and did try the Polish peanut butter also, but did see a difference. So I would also miss American Peanut butter items.. Reeses, yehhhhhh. What is your weight and dimensions of the box size limit..???? Let me know, I have your address since we forward all your mail. hee hee. Of course the junk mail, like the catalouges don’t make it, they won’t let it be forwarded anymore. :( So maybe getting online and changing your address to the Poland one will get them to you. :) Thanks for the info on everything. Next trip to Poland I will know what not to buy.. I do love the Knorr cup of potatoes that they have. All you need to add is water and stir… They are the best. And they have them in Broccoli and cheese flavors. I think 98 slotys… Cheap. I brought back so many of them. They are nice for work.

  6. awesome post thanks 4 this posting

  7. Marta says:

    The marshmallows are perfect for roasting. You were very lucky to get all these. Now during ‘Amercan week’ it’s hard to get one single American product. Your blog is pretty awesome. I realised what my country is. In fact I love my Polish culture.
    Keep blogging. For sure I’ll visit your blog again.

    Yes, my name is without “h”. It’s Polish version.

    OMG I’m really amazed …I hope to visit your country someday.

    • Marta,

      We haven’t lit our fireplace yet at home but when we do, roasting marshmallows is first on our list of things to do! I am getting ready to do another blog post about Lidl’s current American week. There were some new products like the yogurt which were interesting.

      I am glad you enjoyed my blog. I have a dear friend here named Marta as well and it only took me 5 months or so to finally get her name right!

      As for visiting the USA, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I have only been back 2 times in 7 years. Once for 3 days for a funeral and then another time for 2 weeks to visit family. So Europe is more home to me than US.

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