Have You Ever Heard of Caramel Popcorn Yogurt?

 Have you ever heard of caramel popcorn yogurt?  Or how about chocolate muffin yogurt? Me either, until last week!  It was once again American Week here in Poland at our local Lidl grocery store.  So yet again just like the last American week they had a few months ago, I had to get some of food items and try them out.

While some of them were quite comical other were tasty!

First up, pizza!  The Hawaiian one was AWESOME just like in America but the Supreme well that one was very mushroomy!

Then we had to get onion rings, we haven’t tried those yet but I had to get them as I have not seen those in the stores here before.  Then came the hot dogs.  Yes, they are in a jar and I can not say I have ever seen them in a jar back the states but we ate them and well if you have had IKEA hot dogs that is what the hot dog and the buns tasted like.  The Gouda cheese was good but yet again I do not think I have ever heard of them in the states or let alone Holland where Gouda is from!  Last up in this batch, American pancakes!  My teenager feel in love with these!  Have you have had McDonald’s McGriddles?  That is what they tasted and looked like!  Just a bit bigger then a silver dollar pancake but really thick!  They were amazing with the Apple Butter that I made the other day.

Now on to the snack food!  The potato chips where interesting to say it nicely, the marshmallows are well just like American marshmallows   The brownies well they were more like a chocolate cake after we cooked them.  Now the chocolate chip cookies you can get all the time here at the store but if you are like me and LOVE Pepperidge Farm cookies, you are going to LOVE these!!  These are one of my weaknesses when I shop at Lidl’s.

OK, I really have no words for these 3 yogurts.  Chocolate muffin was not that bad as it had little brownie chunks to sweeten it up.  The toffee one, well imagine sour cream swirled with caramel syrup. As for the toffee popcorn yogurt, image..on second thought don’t!!  Just take caramel popcorn in a blender add some plain yogurt and then you have it!  One bite was more than enough for all of us!!!

Lastly they had ice cream!!! We haven’t tried these yet but I am sooo thinking Ben & Jerry’s right about now!

I find it very interest as how other countries think of the USA, like the Statue of Liberty on the packaging.

 Well all this typing is making me hungry, so off to crack open one of those ice creams!

What is your favorite ice cream?  Mine, I have a tie between cookie dough and rainbow sherbet.

love kelley
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7 Responses to Have You Ever Heard of Caramel Popcorn Yogurt?

  1. Cynthia Sommer says:

    I really hope those are marshmallows for roasting over a fire and not bbq-flavored marshmallows?

  2. Monika says:

    My favorite are Irish cofee and cookie dough at ice-cream parlor “Lenkiewicz” in Toruń. You should to try it someday!

  3. How interesting. It’s like finding maple leaves on all things “Canadian” elsewhere, but Canadian stuff isn’t as popular as American I guess, except for hockey? You know, I can’t find any decent perogies in Texas, I’ll bet the real deal in Poland is delicious.

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