American Politics comes to Poland!

American politics and the media has always been interesting to me, how the two are so mixed together.  One TV station will say this, one newspaper will say that and a magazine article with say something completely different.  With this being a presidential election year and living overseas relying on the media on who to vote for is more of a struggle  because there are so many stories out there between the two candidates.

What I find interesting watching foreign media accounts of the US presidential elections is that there is still the “spin” per say on their reporting, right or left-wing agendas, not always just the plain facts.  Why?  Because most countries here in Europe don’t have the same kind of government makeup like we do.  They have a Prime Minister and a President each with their own duties.  For an article that does a great job explaining from a Polish point of view how the United States presidential elections works click HERE (if you open the link in Google Chrome it should automatically translate it for you).

Why am I posting all this?  Well, presidential candidate, Mitt Romney and is wife are in Poland.  Yesterday he visited the city Gdansk and today he is in Warsaw.  The local TV stations and newspapers are all talking about it! A clip from a Polish TV station from yesterday’s visit in Gdansk click HERE (once again use Chrome).

I am not going to tell who to vote for but just make sure you vote if you are USA resident!

(I know I usually ask a question here but not today as this could open rounds of debates and I am not the kind of blog!) 

love kelley
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