And so it begins…

And so it begins…my Wednesday nights are no longer hanging out in the yard with the kids or watching TV with the hubby!  Tonight I started teaching seminary & institute classes at church. Some of you might be wondering what is this?  Well seminary is bible study classes for youth between the ages for 14-18 or in their final 4 years of school.  Institute is for 18 to 30 year olds young adults who are not married.  We have the whole range here so it makes my nights more interesting.  

Typically in the USA seminary is taught in the morning Monday through Friday before school starts at like 06:00 in the morning, so for me to only have to teach one day a week and at night, is pure heaven! 

This year we are studying the Book of Mormon, which in our church we think it is another testament of Jesus work here on earth that goes along with the Holy bible.  If you have not ever read the Book of Mormon, you should give it a try!  

So here is how our night went tonight!  

If you want to know anything about the scriptures this is one to talk too!  He is a walking bible!

If you want to know anything about the scriptures this is the one to talk too! He is a walking bible!

Everyone quick reviewing before Bingo begins.

Everyone quick reviewing before Bingo begins.

Just about half the scriptures the kids need to memorize this year.

Just about half the scriptures the kids need to memorize this year.

How well do you know your scriptures bingo.

How well do you know your scriptures bingo.

My partner in crime in a lot of things at church.  I would be lost without her as she does a lot of translating for me.

My partner in crime in a lot of things at church. I would be lost without her as she does a lot of translating for me, as well has be one of the GREATEST people I have met here in Bydgoszcz!

It was so quite I could hear a pin dropl

It was so quite I could hear a pin drop while we were playing.



After playing Bingo for a bit, going over what we will doing for the school year, handing out all their textbooks and having some fun, it was time for food!  

Now every class has to involve food some how.  Tonight it meant a birthday cake.  One of our missionaries celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday.  Luckily have been become friends with his mom and found out what his favorite cake was to make the perfect cake for him.  So it was surprise time!


SURPRISE!  The faces are priceless.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I think the cake was a hit!

I think the cake was a hit!

I LOVE this group of kids I teach.  The best part we are  missing 3 that could not make tonight so this class is huge and fun!

I LOVE this group of kids I teach. The best part (we are missing 3 that could not make tonight) is this class is huge and fun!

I am so looking forward to this upcoming year with all this kids!!  Now if you want to know more about the Book of Mormon that I am teaching about click HERE or you are interested in getting a copy leave me a comment and I will make sure you get one no matter where in the world you might live!

What is the best surprise that you have got on your birthday before?  Me, when I turned 30 my husband threw a surprise at our house for me and I did not even have a clue until I opened my front door.

love kelley
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7 Responses to And so it begins…

  1. Samuel Schmidt says:

    Book of Mormon seems like typical American “Look, we are #1 at eveyrhitng!, we even have our own Testament!” attitude. It sometimes amazes me what are missionaries expecting when trying to convert people in Europe with their belifes which are very Ameri-centrised and totally different from European culture and values.

    • Samuel,

      I am sorry you feel that way. It has nothing to do with us trying to think we are better then you. From living here in Europe now the last 8 years I would have to say if you really get to know more about my church you would think the opposite. I actually think the church’s belief’s are more in-line with the European lifestyle not the American lifestyle, which is one of the reason’s why we are living here for so long. Everything in the US is hurry up and go, your family comes second, your job status determines if you are successful or not, family does not have to be a priority, that bigger is better. But over here in Poland, Holland and other places we have been to, it is all about family first and foremost, families are the priority here, there is no hurry up and do things, but enjoy the small things. Many of which are key to our church which is the reason why I love this church, because without family no matter what religion you are, where would you be?

    • Ximena says:

      There are a lot of people that think that way about the Mormon church, I have a friend that used to think like that as well and I challenged her to read the Book of Mormon and let the missionaries answer her questions, as well as me and other friends, and she realized that the Mormon church is The Church of Jesus Christ! And not some American dude… Also, I invite you to take a look at and check yourself about numbers, the church in the States is smaller compared to the rest of the world. Only in the UK there are more then 50.000 members! And we have missionaries from all the countries in the world you can imagine, not only the states. The only reason why the Mormon church is “centralized” in the States is because back in the day when the church was restored we were so few that the best way was to be together. Again, I invite you to investigate a little and let us know what you think, but please do it with an open mind. And if you really want to, you can even contact me and we can have a nice chat :)

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Samuel,

    Your comment makes me wonder what your understanding of religion in general is. A general view given on wikipedia sketches religion as followed: ” Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, and to spirituality.” So in any religion whatever that may be they believe that their “collection of beliefs” is true. Such is what missionaries believe as well. Now this set of beliefs that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes in is not dependant on cultural background. The religion and practice of it does not change from continent to continent. Truth means consistancy, just as you might believe in the law of gravity and that it applies to you here in Europe, guess what, the same law applies in American, Africa and every other place on earth. Such is the same with Jesus Christ and his teachings, read Hebrews 13:8 ” Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”
    Anyone who believes that a religion should dependant on which language he speaks, country he originates from or traditions or cultures he or she might have inherited believes in himself and not in God. Because are we not all children of God? And if so, then don’t all the same rules apply to us?
    Samuel I’d like to know what you mean by Ameri-centrised scriptures other than yes, the Book of Mormon events for the most part took place in the Americas. What is the problem with that? It doesn’t contain different teachings from the ones that Jesus Christ gave in Jerusalem? Or do you have an issue with the Bible as well because it is too much Hebrew-centrised because It did not take place in Europe?
    What missionaries are expecting when they come to Europe? Probably nothing more than the hope to serve their fellow-beings. And by sharing Christ through the Bible and Book of Mormon (as another testimony of the truthfulness of His gospel) inspire and encourage others to find out the truth for themselves.
    From your comment I get the idea that you have a tremendous aversion to America and that you simply use this as a point to complain about the LDS Church. I suggest that before your judge it or any religion for that matter that you thoroughly investigate it, hear all sides of the story and be sincire in your research . Maybe attend a church meeting or invite the missionaries into your home without prejudice and listen to what they have to say. Otherwise anyone can rant at America for whatever reason (because there are plenty). I wish you all the best and hope you may find a greater understanding of what truth is, how it applies to everyone, everywhere and that you can know about it too!

  3. oo, what a fun opportunity for you! Sometimes I wish I had a teaching calling like that because it would force me to study a little bit better.
    Adelina Priddis recently posted..Just Ella by Annette K Larsen #BookTourMy Profile

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