Another Day at the Orphanage!

Earlier last week I went to the orphanage that I work with to drop another donation to them from my children’s school from a fundraiser they did during Christmas party selling handmade Christmas items.

While we were there the orphanage coordinator wanted to tell me some good news.  The news was…….one of the girls was going to be adopted by an American family!!!  My husband and I having been trying to think of a way we as a family could volunteer at the orphanage, well opportunity just fell into our laps! My husband and I had a quick huddle in the corner (while she was talking to some friends of ours) about us teaching the little girl some English.  This would be GREAT for the girl as she speaks no English to help with the transition to her forever home as well as her new family as I am not sure if they speak any Polish.  We both it was a great idea so we talk to the coordinator about if it would be possible and started doing the happy dance.  We said, “Perfect, we will start this Sunday at 15.00!”

First up, colors!! I came up with the idea to make some cookies and then have the kids frost them with different colored frosting.  We had the kids put the food coloring in the white frosting to make their own colors.  Well luckily we only had 4 kids because with my 3 and those 4, let’s just called it controlled chaos.   But my husband and I had the time of our lives doing this!  My little one’s had a blast too, my 8-year-old was a great translator for us!  I can’t believe how good her Polish is coming along.

Here is my husband trying putting on an apron on one of the boys who was making a mess on his sweatshirt.

Not sure who had the most fun yesterday, us or them?  But by the end they knew a few colors in English and I knew a few more in Polish.  Now we have to start planning what we going to do with kids next week!

I love having opportunities serve other’s!  It is one thing to spend money to those charities that help places like this but to be there first hand and doing AMAZING work like this is PRICELESS!!

If you volunteer, where is your favorite place to volunteer? Mine, the kid’s school, the orphanage, the women’s club, military family support center, the USO, Boy & Girl Scouts, and……….

love kelley
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  1. Fantastic, Kelley- that looks so much fun! I think I need an 8 year old in my life. Keep up the good work.
    Johanna Bradley recently posted..Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : On goingMy Profile

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