Athletes Abroad Pen Pals

The other day the youngest 2 became pen pals with 2 American professional volleyball players and members of the US National Volleyball Team, Rachael Adams and Kim Hill.  OK, yes we already know them on a personal level but Rachael has started a new blog, Athletes Abroad last month with a fellow athlete.  

Well this new blog has a new feature to help not only few athletes but for those kids who look up to these athletes. They started a program called Athletes Abroad Pen Pals.  You know as kids you wanted to know what life was  like half a world away, what life is like as a professional athlete or as a Olympian.

Now what is this program?




Yes, it is that easy!  There all sorts of athletes from from all types of sports, not just volleyball!  I tried to get the girls to pick someone other then Rachael and Kim but they adore them so this was not a battle that was going to fight.

The girls hard at work making their creations!

The girls hard at work making their creations!

"E's" creation for Miss Rachael.

“E’s” creation for Miss Rachael.

"A's" creation for Miss Kim.

“A’s” creation for Miss Kim.

If you have kids and want to participate in this neat opportunity click HERE to go to their site to learn more about it!

If you could meet any athlete in the world who would it be?  Me, I would have loved to met, John Elway from the Denver Bronco’s!

love kelley
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  1. I have written and now have started a worldwide campaign promoting a screenplay for a movie, *The POWER of Volleyball. We would love to have the support of American Volleyball players around the globe. We currently have over 6000 “Likes” from fans in over 60 countries. Would you please help us spread the word?

    Our fans would love to support American Athletes Abroad :)

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