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Warsaw Planetarium

When we were at the science museum in Warsaw last week we also went and did the planetarium which is attached to the museum. Since my husband’s foot is still quite sore from when he broke it 8 weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Copernicus Science Museum Time

As you could tell by my last post we spent the latter part of last week in Warsaw, Poland. For all of you who sent me messages, THANKS!  She made it safely to the US and is already enjoying shopping … Continue reading

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A Long 5 Hours

What a sad day yesterday was in more ways than one.  I am having a hard time trying to word this post. We were at the Warsaw airport doing this… “L” is going to be doing her university studies in … Continue reading

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Bydgoszcz Busker Fest 2014

Where to start about our last Saturday? My hubby had to work on Saturday so the girls and I had some free time to fill.  Luckily it was the Busker Festival time here in Bydgoszcz and 2 years ago we went … Continue reading

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Bonfires, Bread and Beer

Saturday night we were off to enjoy a bonfire at one of my husband’s co-workers house.  We have had lots of dinners at friends houses and we have hosted lots of bbq’s at our house but we had yet to … Continue reading

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American Girl Sweepstakes

It has been a CRAZY week in our house as we have some guests in town visiting so our days lately have been sightseeing with them, so hence the reason for not a whole lot of posts this week! BUT … Continue reading

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STUDIO Pod Labedziem

Well yesterday we finally picked up “L’s” Senior/Graduation pictures and all I can say is… WOW, she is defiantly not my baby anymore! Last week I talked about the pictures that STUDIO Pod Labedziem did for my oldest daughter and here … Continue reading

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She is Not My Baby

Tuesday evening “L” and I did yet another tradition of being a high school Senior….SENIOR PICTURES!!! In the US a lot of kids in their last year of high school during this senior year do a photo shoot with nice … Continue reading

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I Just Want to Cry

How easily do I cry? Where the Red Fern Grows, The Green Mile, Pay it Forward, The Patriot and 17 Miracles are instant tear jerker movies for me. When I go on the Godvine website and watch dog rescue’s I better have … Continue reading

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Time to Visit…Tyrcz Pottery

Yes, there are still more shops in Boleslawiec that I have yet too talk about and YES, there even more that I will be blogging about here soon. If you are looking for unique one of a kind pieces of … Continue reading

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Where Did The Year Go

Last Friday was finally the last day of school here in Poland for my youngest 2 girls!  Yes, it seems like they go to school FOREVER here compared to the US since most of my friends back home kids have … Continue reading

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Primo Ice Cream Time

The other day I took “E” and a friend of hers to one of the BEST ice cream places here in Bydgoszcz, Cafe Primo. The locals here in town all say this is the place to go for ice cream … Continue reading

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Polish Pottery Categories

One of the first things I talk to people about when I take them Polish pottery shopping for the first time is the difference in Polish pottery categories. NO, not all pottery pieces are created equally! Each Polish pottery piece is categorized … Continue reading

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Men’s Volleyball World Championship

Last night for the us was AMAZING again for my girls and I! Why?  We got tickets to this! For those of you not in Poland or not a volleyball fan, this was a ticket for the Poland vs. Brazil … Continue reading

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Za Piecem Restaurant

Yes, I love to cook and yes, I love to eat out just as much! Friday afternoon we headed out for lunch with the last our guests before they head back to the US.  These 2 guests were only here … Continue reading

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That Time of the Month

Life has been totally crazy for us the last 3 weeks!  One of the nights last week it was time to say say good-bye to 4 of our church missionaries.  1 of them was going back to the US as … Continue reading

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Another Day at the Beach NOT!

A couple of Sunday’s ago we headed up to Gdansk to pick up some people who were going to be working with my husband here for a special assignment for a couple of weeks.  Well what was suppose to be … Continue reading

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President Uchtdorf Visits Poland

We had the most AMAZING weekend to date I think since moving here to Poland.  Why?  We spent the weekend in Warsaw for church meetings. First up was Saturday night Seminary/Institute Graduation.  Wednesday nights for this past school year I … Continue reading

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Time for Another Visit to Torun

I mentioned before that a friend of mine living in Norway came to visit the last 6 days, so that meant lots of sightseeing and playing tour guide for her and her other 2 companions.  On Thursday we went to … Continue reading

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What a 48 Hours

What a 48 hours it has been for me! We have some guests visiting us from Norway this week and so the last 2 days has involved trips sightseeing to…. Ostromecko  My friend is a HUGE Polish pottery lover, so … Continue reading

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Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to School We Go

It is hard to believe that only in the 1st grade “A” as of this week has attended 3 different school buildings in her short education span.  Crazy huh?  But this 3rd school building is worth it!  The school that … Continue reading

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Soprano Pizzeria in Bydgoszcz

So a few weeks ago at the Charity Auction I helped organize, one of the items that I won was a big basket that was named “Taste of Bydgoszcz.”  The basket was full of gift certificates from lots of different … Continue reading

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Wooden Shoe Flower Pots

As you know I have been CRAZY busy getting my over grown yard into a beautiful yard for all the summertime BBQ’s we like to do with friends! I am putting the final touches on it and yesterday’s creation was … Continue reading

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International Kids Day 2014

Saturday according to my youngest 2 kids…”this is the GREATEST day EVER” celebrating International Kids Day 2014. Before moving to Poland I had never heard of this day before but here it is hugely popular and celebrated throughout the whole … Continue reading

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Love On the Seas — Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries on a Cruise

   Love On the Seas — Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries on a Cruise Are you celebrating your wedding anniversary soon? Congratulations! Maybe you’re thinking of going on a cruise? Well, you’ve certainly decided on the right way to celebrate. This is … Continue reading

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