Behind the Scenes on House Hunters International TV Show!

Behind the Scenes on House Hunters International TV Show!

We finally saw our House Hunters International TV show the other weekend!  It was CRAZY to watch ourselves on television.  I saw it originally when it aired in the USA back in September but it was like 3:30 in the morning here so I was a bit in a haze!  My son who is there at university hooked up his Skype camera and I was able to watch via Skype on my computer.  What made it REAL fun was that he was there with my parents and I got to hear all the commentaries that they made about the houses as they had not seen our house here yet, so they had no idea which house was ours!

Now I have already mentioned in a previous post how we got in contact to the production company to be on the show, so now it is time to tell you about the filming of the show, as the majority of you have seen it and know which house we picked so I will not be giving any spoilers out!

Now the first spoiler, we already had a house here in Poland. It was one of the three houses that we choose from in the show.  I know you are probably disappointed by this, I was because I have been a HUGE fan of the show for years, so this was a shock to me.  Here is the reason why they do it the way that they do, each of the houses took us about 2 and half hours to film.  Which means you can only film 2 houses a day because of the daylight, meal breaks, travel, getting things in general ready.  When we moved here we looked at 10 houses so that is a lot of filming.  Then the other MAJOR reason is because people do not always get their first choice in a house.  This house was actually our 3rd choice.  The house we picked first, when we found out how much the utilities were and the house did not have a complete kitchen(the landlord wanted us to pay for it to be installed, WRONG!), we walked away from that house.  Then our second pick, the landlord lived in Germany did not want to come back to meet with us for 2 weeks(he could have done the trip in one day) and he did not want to give us money to paint the inside of some of the rooms where the paint was peeling or was horribly dirty(mind you I was going to paint the rooms myself to save him money!) and then I ask for him to replace the oven(think 1960′s oven), he said no to that too, so we had to walk away from that one too.  So off to went to make an offer on our third pick(just to clarify it was my husbands first pick, so he rubs it in a bit that we could have saved ourselves some frustrations and move into house a week earlier).  So now I completely understand why they film in the order that they film! But to make it as realistic as possible they try to get some of the houses we originally looked at if they are still available.

So now time to look at behind the scene’s shots!

My husband thinking, “are we really do this?” with our Polish crew assistant.  We have ran into him a couple times since we filmed the show.

In our daughter’s room filming our small but mighty backyard.

Show time! First up, a question and answer session about our new lives here in Poland.

The crew doing some back shots of the city.

A Polish festival that happened to be going on at the same time we were filming the city shots.

Our amazing crew walking to our next location. You can tell they have filmed this show just a few times together. They made those 3 days just an absolute hoot to do!

Here Jim is getting is microphone for our first location shot, the realtors office.

We did have a some fun time in between takes!

Here the hubby is giving this feed back on house #1.

This is the owner of house #1 hiding. He was a hoot! He spoke no English and we spoke no Polish back then but yet he was trying to have a conversation the whole time we were there. I so wish I spoke Polish I would have loved to understand his stories!

Lunch time! The crew was excited to experience some traditional Polish food.

Since we were already living in our house, we had to pack some of the furniture up, so the house looked halfway empty. The poor moving crew had 3 hours to pack everything you could see, that could not hide behind doors or cabinets. They drove down to the end of the street and just sat there for about 2 hours and then turned around and put everything back more or less.  The upstairs though we got creative, we moved everything from one room and then filmed the other room.

Here we are taking a break in between takes. Most scenes were filmed at least twice(some times 3 or 4 times) for the camera guy to get different angles and people in the conversations.  This was probably the hardest part, remembering roughly want you said and what order we came into the rooms.

My AMAZING husband being interviewed about his thoughts on house #2(which is the house we are living in). This is was the hardest houses to film because we had to play stupid, like we were looking at the house for the first time.

Walking towards house #3 aka “My dream house!”

So here is the back story of house #3!  This house actually belongs to good friends of mine.  The original house that we were going to use for house #3, which was one of the original houses that we looked at, decided that 10 minutes before we were to go to the house to film that we were not going to be able to film there after all.  Oh, our realtor was beyond frustrated because only the day before the home owner signed all the paperwork for us to film there but the wife changed her mind.  He started to make some panic phone calls to find another house and so did we because you have to have 3 houses for the show!  So I called my friends who I knew were in the middle of renovating a house that they had just bought to see if on the odd chance we could use their house to film.  They said sure and asked what time the next day we would be over, I said not tomorrow but we would be over in 15 minutes to film as it was suppose to be our last day of shooting.  By the time we got there, they got there to open the house for us.  Now this house is one whole house and so it is HUGE!!  So luckily we had a creative crew who came up with some creative filming ideas.  I was laughing about it but the director said this was not the first time they had to come up with something like this. I am not going to tell which houses they were because it would ruin the shows for you.  I am truly blessed to have friends that are willing to help us in short notices! So long story short, this house was never real option for us, UNFORTUNATELY!!

The director getting a photo of us. He took quite a few of them though out the 3 days. I found out they were the production team to use in advertising the show.

So now that we were done filming the Poland location, it was time to head back to the Netherlands where we came from and do our back story there.  We went back  2 weeks after we filmed in Poland because the kids had a spring break time so they did not have to miss any school.  Now, I know you are asking but on the show it says you are currently living in the Netherlands  Well, by the time we filmed the show we are already in Poland.  But we had been in Poland for 4 months so it seemed like just yesterday we had left.  At the Netherlands location we had a different crew as the other crew could not make it that weekend.  This crew was fun too.

Somethings never change! This how we spend many of our weekends back there. My husband behind a grill, grilling burgers and hot dogs at the local high school during home games, me organizing the concession stand and the kids hanging out with friends. Luckily when we pulled into town there was a soccer game, so headed over to meet up with some friends and then ended up getting put to work.

My oldest daughter all excited to visit her best friend back in the Netherlands! I think her friend is a bit excited too. Do notice something odd about this picture?  I wish I knew what he was doing!

Our littlest excited to see her old friends too!

Time to get the microphone for the Netherlands shoot.

The crew filming one of the back shots there. Here we are at the Hoensbroek Castle. This place was about 3 blocks from my old house.

Here the crew is getting our old neighbor and adopted Grandma Atie, her microphone on and telling her how everything is going to work that morning. She was a bit overwhelmed with the whole thing. She was not quite sure of it all.

The kids being entertained while we filming a shot by their Dutch adopted Uma(Dutch for Grandma), our Dutch film assist and our Polish friend whose house we were using to film the Dutch location. Here is the CRAZY part in all this, our Polish friends lived just 5 houses down from us there in Hoensbroek and we became dear friends with them and the best part is that they are from here in Bydgoszcz and will be moving back to Poland in 4 months!!!

Another location shot back in the Netherlands where we eating Dutch pancakes. The kids loved this part of filming the show!!  This was one of our favorite restaurants to eat at there.

We filmed in the Netherlands all in one day, so it was a bit busy but yet fun.

Overall, we had an AWESOME time during those 4 days of filming as I am not sure we will ever get to experience that again.  I hope I did not spoil to much of the show for you!

Read my previous blog post talking about how we got on the show, Tonight’s the BIG Premier!

Now if you could go on any reality TV show what would it be? My husband and I would L-O-V-E to be on the Amazing Race someday!

love kelley
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