Being Friends with a Celebrity!

As many of you have read in previous blog posts, I have been come great friends with a professional volleyball player here in Bydgoszcz, Rachael Adams.

Fellow American blogger and professional volleyball player, Rachael Adams and I.

Well she and I have been going out lately together to a few events over the past few weeks and I am just amazed how people treat her and now myself to a point.

Last night I took my kids to the men’s professional volleyball game with Rachael and 3 funny things happened.

1. As soon as we walked in the stadium a few teenager girls pointed to Rachael and started taking saying something about “Rachael Adams” with great big smiles on their faces (of course it was in Polish so I have no real clue what was said as they were talking a mile a minute) but the point is that they did not come up to her and try to talk to her.

2. I took my littlest one to the bathroom during one of the breaks. In the bathroom we are waiting in line (even in Poland there is not enough stalls in the women’s bathrooms!) and I looked at one of the mirrors and I see a group of girls pointing to me behind me and of course I lean back to listen.  From what I could understand that they were talking about me that I am the friend of Rachael Adams.  How comical is that?

3.  Then when I got back from the bathroom, Rachael mentions to me that a girl came up to her and asked for a picture with her.  It is like when I am or the girls are with her people are afraid to ask her something!

She recently posted a blog post on her blog about the other men’s volleyball game that we went together the other week and a reader posted that he wanted to ask her for a photograph with her but since she was with us he did not want to interrupt us.  I just want to say that people like her no matter where they live or what they do, they are just like me and you!!  They wake up the morning and put their feet into their pants just like us.  They just happen to have a job that puts more a limelight on them but they have the same worry when people are pointing at them and whispering to each, what they are saying. And they start worry do I have a big bugger coming out my nose or do I have toilet paper stuck on my shoe.

So, for my Bydgoszcz and Poland readers….if you see the two of us together, please do not hesitate to stop and interrupt us whether we are at a volleyball game, a restaurant or shopping together.   I would LOVE to take a picture of the two of you together and who knows it might even end up here on my blog!


If you could have your picture with a celebrity who would it be?

love kelley
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One Response to Being Friends with a Celebrity!

  1. Adam says:

    I think that behavior of these girls were very polite. I would do the same if you were together – I would not disturb you.

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