Bonfires, Bread and Beer

Saturday night we were off to enjoy a bonfire at one of my husband’s co-workers house.  We have had lots of dinners at friends houses and we have hosted lots of bbq’s at our house but we had yet to ever attended a Polish bbq. So this bbq was a first for us.

Once again like most typical Polish people they were some of the most gracious hosts and like most Polish dinners more food then I could imagine.

Smalac, pickles and bread on the buffet table.  Have I meantioned that I love Polish food?

Smalec, pickles and bread on the buffet table. Have I meantioned that I love Polish food?

Reason #37 for

Reason #37 for putting your kids in the native language school…being able to make friends instantly no matter where they go.  We were the only non-Polish speaking family and my girls would have been totally lost if they didn’t speak Polish.

Bbq'ing Polish style!  Why does everything taste so delicious cooked over a campfire?

Bbq’ing Polish style! Why does everything taste so delicious cooked over a campfire?

Lots of trampoline jumping was had my the kids.

Lots of trampoline jumping was had by the kids.

Perfect fire for roasting marshmallows.

Perfect fire for roasting marshmallows.

Best thing about summer time...bonfires!

Best thing about summer time…bonfires!

So are there differences between Polish bbq’s and American ones? There was no potato salad, macaroni salad but a good broccoli salad and some salad called “white potatoes borscht.”  Just like in the US there was lots of beer and soda that was drunk but unfortunately no marshmallows to roast in the fire.  I guess I need to start a new trend here if making s’mores but first I would have to work on getting graham crackers here in Poland as they don’t sell them here.

To my lovely hosts for the evening…THANKS for the fun night!

What is your favorite thing to eat at a bbq?  I love to eat hot dogs that have the black char on them!

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12 Responses to Bonfires, Bread and Beer

  1. Alison says:

    Oh – you took mine – my favorite thing is a char-grilled hot dog. My next favorite is a hamburger – especially with a sauce (maybe just a southern-thing) called Dale’s – sooooo good. Thanks for the post!

  2. Kate says:

    I love anything off the grill. My favorite would have to be kabobs though. I love grilled veggies. Your BBQ looks like it was so much fun! Hope you have a great summer! (P.S. I’m stopping by from the AG doll giveaway. Thanks for the contest.)

  3. pawels says:

    If there’s something more american than picture like this, it is kids roasting marshmalows over a fire. :)

  4. Awesome, looks like you had a great time ! My family needs to do more of this.

  5. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds like a party my family would enjoy and fit right in. Thank you for sharing this. Polish people make some of the best food. Wish we were there

  6. desiree says:

    that like bread those lookalike cuke are big wow

  7. I love cookouts!! I have never been to a bonfire because unfortunately I live in the city. But would love to go to one one day.

  8. Cindy McElwee says:

    What a beautiful memories you have, looks like fun. My husband loves to grill about anything ~ I would definitely love grilled vegetables anytime of the week ♥ truly enjoyed

  9. Marisa says:

    I love grilled marinated chicken at a BBQ. Looks like your family had a great time!

  10. Stacey Blaha says:

    The food looks amazing! I love macaroni salad and baked beans at a BBQ. I love Polish food! I would have headed straight for dessert!!

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