Bydgoszcz Busker Fest 2014

Where to start about our last Saturday?

My hubby had to work on Saturday so the girls and I had some free time to fill.  Luckily it was the Busker Festival time here in Bydgoszcz and 2 years ago we went to it and had a blast so we head into town to watch it for an hour or two.  Well, 6 hours later I think we finally headed home.  It was a long day but a fun day.

What is a busker?  It is a street performer who plays music, dances, magician or other kinds of performance for money.

This festival had lots of them from all over the world, some as far away as Chile.


It is a rough job being a busker!


This is Desparpajo Clown and she is from Chile. The girls fell in love with her. “A” got picked to be her assistant for one of her acts. Bribe a kid with a lolly and they will do anything for you.


Come and get your lolly!


One minute “A” is here….


the next she is gone!


WAIT she came back!!


Now time to help her but her magic jacket on.


“A” knows magic too! She blows on the flower and the flower is going up out of the bottle.


Time for a quick kiss to say thanks for letting me assist you.


“A” & “E” enjoy more of her performance.


Time to get our groove on.


The whole crowd was getting into it.


This Busker festival was so much fun!


Next time I go to London I am taking this guy and shirt with me! How cool is this shirt?


Now this looks promising.


In between performances it was cool down time in the water fountain area.


Time for the next performance. This guy is from right here in Poland.


No kid was harmed during this performance as they were only rubber knives. This kid thought this was the coolest thing ever.


He did the neatest thing with this glass ball balancing it all on it his arms and hands.


Time for a quick spin on his bike.


As the day when on the crowd got bigger and bigger.


The girls were getting hungry so we decided to take a break for a bit and go get some ice cream by the local park Mill Island. If you are on Mill Island that means you need to play in water area if it warm out.


Mom, we aren’t going to get our clothes wet, promise!  15 seconds later…oops someone slipped and fell and got drenched.


Now this guy was one of a kind!


The girls wondering…”who is the weird lady?’


This weird lady was the next performer! She was from Italy and was awesome like all the rest of them. Here she is chasing “E.”


She was getting EVERYONE involved in her act.


She did some neat things with the hula hoops.

Another performer getting ready for his show.

Another performer getting ready for his show.


The crowd kept on getting bigger and bigger.


Time for the next performance group. These 2 were great together!


This did this unique magic show and comedy act all rolled into one.


Looks like everyone is having a fun time.


They really enjoyed this performance.


Let the wedding begin!


Guess who caught the bouquet? “E” did and she really wanted to keep it but I made her return it after it was all done and “A” giving the guy a high 5 for the fun show.


The lady living on the top floor had quite the view of the performances that day.


And guess who was up again? The girls favorite performer! So stayed once again to watch her.


Not sure what was in that bottle but this doesn’t look good!


She is a bug now. It amazing what you can do with garbage sacks.


Everyone once again got in on the show.


Even the other performers were enjoying each other.


Yes, she had a little bit of everything in her show.


I am coming for you!


Not sure if I would be standing that still with her doing that.

 This was a fun afternoon/evening together watching Bydgoszcz Busker Fest.  We are looking forward to next years event already!

Click HERE to see a YouTube video of a few of the performances that someone was taping while we were there.  You will see “A” doing her flower act!

What is your favorite Busker to watch?

love kelley
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6 Responses to Bydgoszcz Busker Fest 2014

  1. Looks like some crazy wild fun !

  2. Michele Ash says:

    I enjoyed this article so much! I loved the pictures of your girls having so much fun! You really mean it when you say Never a Dull Day in Poland! I think my favorite was the magician! but they all looked like they were fun to watch! I’m so glad you shared with us! Thanks, Michele :)

  3. Scott R. Lucado says:

    “Międzynarodowy Festiwal Sztuki Ulicznej” would translate to something like “International Festival of Street Players [as in actors or performers]“, correct?

    My Polish isn’t very good, so I’m sort of guessing.

  4. Diana Vuong says:

    Looks like you had some fun at the festival!

  5. Shannon says:

    Wow this looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing with us.

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