Bydgoszcz Water Tram System

So last weekend my oldest daughter had her BESTIE (for us old folks that is what they call best friends now-a-days) came for a 4 day visit from the Netherlands before she moves back to the United States here in a few weeks.  One of the things we did was hop on one of  Bydgoszcz’s water trams.

Our water tram,

The water trams are seasonal here and started up the 1st of May and will end 16th of September.  They are apart of the public transportation service. They have 3 different routes that you can do.  We did the “Staromiejska.”  The cost was 5 zloty each for my oldest daughter, her friend and myself.  My two little’s were 2.50 zloty each.  The whole trip took a bit over an hour.  We could have could have got off at the turn around point but we had lunch calling out our name.  It was a relaxing hour as the weather was perfect for us!  Now I am not sure if it is something that I will do over and over again but I will for sure do the other 2 routes to see a different part of Bydgoszcz with our summer visitors!  For more information about Bydgoszcz water trams go to their homepage HERE.

Do you use the public transportation system where you live?

love kelley
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