Carnival Party Time in Poland!

Well it is carnival party time in Poland!

Now in the US where I grew up we really did not celebrate carnival so when we moved over to the Netherlands 7 years ago, it was a complete eye opener to me.  Why? Because in the Netherlands this is what it looks like for almost a whole week!

Oh the memories of hanging out with friends!

One of the best parts all the different parades we got to watch!

Now that we are in Poland they are a bit calmer.  There are no parades, no dressing up and hanging out with friends but we still find a way have some fun.  My younger ones had a school party to celebrate.  Since their school building is a bit on the small side, they had it at a local university hall.

There was lots of dancing, games and food for everyone.   My poor feet were SOOOO sore from dancing as I did not wear good dancing shoes. The kids dress up in some neat costumes last night.  They don’t celebrate Halloween really here, so this is the main time kids here get to dress up.

Here a few pictures from the night!

My little one with some friends dancing away with their teacher.

Moments like this remind me why I LOVE being a mom to my 4 kids!!

Guess what dance she is doing?

Dancing without touching the balloon contest. Guess who won?

Everyone dancing the night away!

My little one got tired of dancing so she and some friends played UNO on my cell phone to take a break.

Love going inside old buildings and seeing the neat architecture like this.

Time for face painting.

My after the sugar high finally wore off my kids crashed hard in their beds. Ok, I am not going to lie, so did I!

So to everyone who helped organize this event, GREAT JOB!!!

If you could have any costume, what would you dress up as?  Me, I have always dreamed of dressing up like Smurfette!


love kelley
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One Response to Carnival Party Time in Poland!

  1. Marcin says:

    Hi :),

    Well, to be honest, I was at the “costume party” during New Year party, and what can I say – that the quickest costume and a simplest solution is a “doctor costume”. White shirt + white trousers + stethoscope (can be bought in any pharmacy) and that’s it! Maybe it’s not the best solution, but it always works if you are a lack of time to find something more sophisticated :).

    A friend of mine had a Cesar costume:

    … and he behave similar to Cesar, so the effect was great. The next time I planning something more creppy…

    A ZOMBIE :D!


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