Chuck Norris takes over Poland

I LOVED the TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger, ” and I guess you could say an overall Chuck Norris fan.  One of the local banks here WBK, current ad campaign involves the one and only Chuck Norris.  You can’t go 5 minutes around Bydgoszcz without seeing him on a billboard, a street sign or driving past one of their banks.  Now they have really started pushing their TV ad on Polish television.

Click HERE follow this link to see a Youtube clip of one of the TV spots.  I found one with English subtitles so we all can understand it as my Polish only involves counting numbers and greetings.

So one question I have though is, does this guy ever age?

love kelley
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3 Responses to Chuck Norris takes over Poland

  1. James says:

    Chuck Norris looks fantastic for his age. By the way, his 72nd birthday was two weeks ago.

    And TV spot is very cool, in my opinion. One more TV spot with Chuck Norris is there – , but I have heard there will be more TV spots with him anytime later.

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