Close encounters of the BUFFALO kind

In my last post you saw this picture…

There is a fun story on why I am so close to this buffalo but you will just have to wait for that blog post.

Well here is the story behind the picture…


We were driving down the road and saw this herd of buffalo running through the field so we stopped to take pictures.


Then we saw these 2 men fishing so we thought we would walk down to the creek and get closer pictures and of course to play in the water and see what kind of fish they were catching.


So I got a few good pictures of the buffalo like this.


Who knew how big their poop is!  Gross to me but fantasizing to my girls.


And a few good pictures of rocks.


As we were talking and watching we started hearing a bunch of yelling and screaming coming up from one of the parking areas. At first I thought they were trying to get the attention of one of their friends like they were going to leave and that they need to hurry up and get back, so I just blew it off. Then my husband said, “Kelley turn around!”


When I did, I saw this! OH, MY!


So of course I had to take a few pictures being this close!

Then I quickly but in a slow motion started walking backwards towards the girls and to get them.  The buffalo was just walking slowly like he was just curious about us to see what we were up too.  The herd was several hundred feet away  across the creek so this buffalo caught us just a bit off guard.


This picture I am sure I will earn the “Worse Mom of the Year” award but this just shows you how close we were.

He looked like he was an old man just enjoying the view.  As we were slowly walking away he was walking towards in a very slow pace, so we were not to worried.


Then he just stopped and turned to the creek and went in for a bit.


Now this is up close and personal!

Time for a quick roll in the dirt.

Time for a quick roll in the dirt.

Then a few minutes later he left and joined back in with the herd.

Then a few minutes later he left and joined back in with the herd.


Then he want off back the herd.


And we went back to fishing.

Well that was exciting!  Now off to the next adventure.

Well that was exciting! Now off to the next adventure.

Look more buffalo!

Look more buffalo!

I would have LOVED to talk to the group yelling as to see what they were thinking as this was all going on for a couple of minutes.  I know I would have thought I for sure was seeing a family and 2 fisherman being trampled!

We defiantly count our lucky stars it was not a bear like the park rangers warned us about.

Have you had any close encounters like this? 

love kelley
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2 Responses to Close encounters of the BUFFALO kind

  1. Krystian says:

    These are really great pictures!

  2. Renee Allen says:

    Very fun, Kelley! I was hoping to see some buffalo pics! These are great!!!

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