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One of the perks of raising 3 girls is lots of shopping for dresses.  All 3 of my girls are are girly girls but my youngest 2 LOVE to wear dresses when and where ever they can.   Yes church is a given that they were them there but school, hanging out with friends and even playgrounds if I would let them.

Easter is around the corner and that means dress shopping in our house.  Then when you have 2 younger girls and means dressing up dolls too.  Both the girls love their dolls and Barbie’s and if possible them up too.  So when I can find matching girl and doll clothes I am in heaven especially when I find really good deals on them.

A few weeks ago, “E” got this dress in the mail…

Yep, I think someone likes her new dress.

Yep, I think someone likes her new dress.

My doll has the exact same dress!

My doll has the exact same dress!  Oh and wait, a matching purse too.

I am not sure if she was more excited to put on her dress or her doll’s dress on.

We went to the Doll Clothes Superstore to order a dress set for “E.” We spent SEVERAL minutes going through their dresses to pick out her Easter dress this year.   But then we got side tracked looking at the American Girl clothes, Barbie clothes and the 101+ accessories that went with all those dolls.  They have a huge selection of just about everything!  The average dress is $18 and doll dresses are about $9.50(compare that to $28 when ordering directly from American Girl Store).

When she put on the dress it fit her perfectly.  I ordered her normal size as I was told they do run a little big, it wasn’t too much bigger.  The dress is very simple and with my girls that is perfect.  The dress for her and her doll was nicely made for the price I paid from them. Who doesn’t like a good deal of a price and good quality clothes?

Now if your daughter or granddaughter is not a dress person, no worries!  They sell sleepwear, shorts, pants, suits and then there is their Barbie clothes, doll clothes, American Girl clothes, stuffed animal clothes and then there is all their accessories.

I have a GREAT deal for all my readers for you to try out this unique store!  If you type in “neverdulldcs” in the coupon code area of your cart and get 10% off your order.

After going to their site, which do you think your kids would like to have on their shopping list?  Mine wants me to order this next…


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.  For more information read my Media Kit.

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