Double Date Night in Torun!

The four of us spells T R O U B L E!!!Saturday night Jim and I went out for a date night.  Of course a  simple dinner and movie wouldn’t cut it here in Poland.  Our AMAZING friends Artur & Kornelia took us on a quick tour of Torun (good thing that we burned some calories before we ate) and then it was dinner at one of the local restaurants, Spichrz.  The building was built in 1719 and originally a grain mill and storage so the building itself is WONDERFUL!!!

After walking around the old city center of Torun for about 45 minutes, we finally came to the restaurant.  The food and service were GREAT.  The inside was unique decorated with old farm tools, old kitchen stuff and neat artwork.  The menu was in 3 languages, Polish, German and English so it made it easy to know what I was ordering as I haven’t perfected the Polish food yet in translating.  The food was good and the best part is that it was served in Polish Pottery that’s  made about 4.5 hours south of us!  (Kay if you reading this I thought of you the whole night and our great weekend trip together going Polish pottery shopping together).  Our server spoke English which was nice for Jim and I but he did understand our attempt at some Polish when we tried to order.

I am not going to spill the beans on what we all say in Torun as I am going to save that for another post because the city is that AMAZING to see!

Thank you, Artur & Kornelia for a great night and we are so glad to call you our friends!!

So what is your favorite date night activity?i

love kelley
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