Euro 2012 Kicks Off!

For those of you not living in Europe or big Soccer fans you might not be aware but just a few hours ago Euro Cup 2012 kicked off in Warsaw, Poland.  The first game played was Poland vs. Greece that ended in a 1:1 tie.  It was a great game with 2 red cards and 1 yellow card handed out.

So what is the BIG deal about Euro Cup?

1. The tournament is only held once every 4 years.

2. The final tournament features 16 nations.

3. Originally 51 nations between August 2010 and November 2011 competed to join in this final tournament.

4. Since Poland is co-hosting the tournament with the Ukraine that meant new highways had to be built in Poland to better connect the 4 host cities together.  My 3 hour drive to Germany is now cut down to 1.5 hours!!!

5. Lastly watching fans totally supporting the national teams!  European fans are CRAZY (more about that on another post).

I grew up playing soccer in middle and high school so this is heaven too me.  For the next 3 weeks I will be glued to the TV for 90 minutes at a time.

Now to get into the Euro 2012 spirit, here is the official song for Euro 2012, “Endless Summer” by German Singer “Oceana.”   We heard it for at least the past month on the radio and it is a bit catchy!

“Endless Summer”

Or for good laugh here is the official song for the Ireland Euro 2012 team.

“Rocky Road to Poland”

So if you are a fan, which team are you cheering for?

 I am split between my new home country of Poland or my old home country of the Netherlands!

love kelley
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