Family Home Evening Church Style

Family Home Evening Church Style

Monday was a special night for us.  I help organize a Family Home Evening at our church because we had special visitors in town, our church mission president and his wife!  First for you non-LDS, family home evening is something at all families in our church try to do(emphasis TRY) on Monday nights.  We typically will sing a song, say a prayer, do a quick lesson about church, family or life in general, read a quick passage from the scriptures but most importantly we have dessert and play a game, watch something or go for walk or anything that involves the family spending time together.

So when our church mission president was going to be in town on Monday night they decided to do a whole church bbq family home evening.  What was also special about the night was that we would be saying good-bye to them as well.  After spending 3 years here in Poland doing a mission for the church it is time for them to head back the US and be with family!


One of the sweetest ladies I have met here in Poland. She is a retired school teacher and the girls adore her!


What is bbq without lemonade? Since they do not sell Country Time here, this is the next best thing – lemon syrup with is pretty darn close to Country Time.


Lesson time and we even had props!


Now that the lesson is done, time to get ready to eat!


Some of the kids were playing soccer and the ball went over this wall a few times!


Our mission president’s wife, Sister Nielsen. Enjoying a quick chat with the girls.


The backyard of our church and many of us enjoying a wonderful evening together!


This is another GREAT family in our church. The father is the president of our local branch and the rest of the family does many other things in it too. Here E is having a good time by the looks of it chatting away with them. Oh, they speak no English so the whole conversation is in Polish which just amazes me how good E’s Polish is.


President Nielsen giving us a quick talk and saying his good-bye.


FINALLY time to eat!! It is not a Mormon event without food.


I think everyone enjoyed the food.


We even played some American football!


I am so thankful that there is a church here in town for us!


Not quite sure what they are doing but it looks fun whatever they are singing!


One of the AMAZING desserts one of the ladies brought. I love how the middle is gone first!


Showing some of the boys how to throw an American football.


Our 4 GREAT missionaries that are serving here in Bydgoszcz. They were a BIG help to me that night getting everything organized.


The weather was beautiful so lots of talking went on.


Now it was time for good-byes. Several of us got together and I got put in charge of getting a gift for them for all of their wonderful service they did for us over the past 3 years. First up this hand embroidered table linen with traditional Polish design. By Sister Nielsen’s face I think she liked it.


Next up, playing cards for President Nielsen since he will have a lot more time on his hands he can actually sit down and relax. These cards have a different picture on each of the cards from around Poland. They already were going through them and saying, we have been there and there and there…. The store I got them at only had this one set, so I have to keeping looking for another one as I want one too!


I am truly grateful for the friendship of these 2 AMAZING people! How many people do you know that would give up 3 years of their lives to move to a different part of the world to work 24 hours, 7 days a week and oh, on a volunteer basis?

I had a long and tiring night but it was sooooo much fun because it involved the great church family that has been my saving grace while living here!  Many people I talk too ask me how do I survive in a place like this?  Well the answer is easy for me!  Our church has been the one constant in our lives no matter where we have lived and here in Bydgoszcz there are some of the most AMAZING people who I have met and luckily enough that I can call several of them family now.

So to President and Sister Nielsen, THANK YOU for the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful work you have done for the church here in Poland over the last 3 years.  I look forward meeting you again one day!

Now if you could do a volunteer mission for 2 years anywhere, where would you want to go?  My hubby and I are looking forward to the day when we will serve a mission for the church as a couple and I would LOVE to go to Nauvoo, Illinois and the hubby would LOVE to go to Africa or someplace where we would teach life skills for day-to-day living(like farming).

love kelley
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