Felting, my new craft addiction!

Well today I officially have gained a new crafting addiction, FELTING!  What is Felting?  It is the most stress free craft that I have ever done.   The hardest part is deceiding what colors and design you want to do.  My daughter and I met up with other friends of mine and had a great friend, Terje, who is from Estonia show us how to do this craft.  Terje is AMAZING with what she has made.

Click HERE to see a clip from YouTube of how we made really neat soap bars.

Then after we finished our soaps then we made some figures.  I made a fish and my dear daughter made a pig.  Now I am not creative so if you need ideas to get inspiration then head over to Craftsy and look at pages upon pages of ideas.  The site is FREE to join.

Here is what we did today!

 So what is your favorite craft to make?

love kelley
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2 Responses to Felting, my new craft addiction!

  1. Wilette says:

    Oh, you know what else is fun to felt? You can crochet a hat using pure wool yarn then felt that. It comes out looking great!

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