Field Trip to the Local Animal Shelter

Yesterday I got to wear my mommy hat and go with one of daughter’s on a school field trip.  We were off to the city of Bydgoszcz’s animal shelter.  This is the same shelter we got our dog, Pryrek from back in May.  The shelter is a no-kill shelter so there is over 300 dogs and 100+ cats.   I am grateful they have a no kill policy because without we would not have our dog because he was there for over a year which if he was at a shelter that did not have the no-kill policy he would have put to sleep a long time ago.  

My daughter’s trip included 2 2nd grade and 1 4th grade class, so needless to say it wasn’t a dull field trip.   Kids + animals= CRAZINESS.  The kids though I do think had a good time learning about the dogs and cats.

To learn more about the animal shelter here in Bydgoszcz, click HERE!

Have you ever adopted an animal from your local shelter?

love kelley
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2 Responses to Field Trip to the Local Animal Shelter

  1. Wiesław says:

    Hello Kelley,
    nice to know that you’re supporting our local animal shelter. The other way to help is to dedicate them 1% of personal income tax. Details are available on the site mentioned above. Despite this year when Wikipedia was my choice, the last 10 years shelter (OTOZ) received that 1%. Just a little paper work to do. As a matter of fact my brother took a couple of kittens from that shelter, and my cat was adopted straight from the street (orphaned in a street kill).
    By the way : jak z nauką polskiego?

    • Wieslaw,

      Thanks for the insight!! Trying to learn all the different Polish laws and regulation is a bit overwhelming. We got our cat like that to in Holland 5 years ago!

      Now as for my Polish!! It coming very SLOWLY!!! One of the hardest so far for me to pick up. But we start formal lessons next with the University so ask again in a month or so!!

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