Finally Made it to a Polish Christmas Market!

 Well yesterday we finally made it to a Polish Christmas Market!  We hopped into our car and headed down a lovely little town Torun.  We have been to several in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands over the years as this is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for me living in Europe.  Seeing how I really could not find a lot of information on the market in Torun my hopes went that high!

And away we go to the Torun market!

While it is definatatly not a German, Dutch or Belgium Christmas market, it will do since they all are a bit far away from here.

Torun is a beautiful town to visit so this was a no brainer to go.  The kids got out of school early so we headed down there.  It was a small market but there still was a LOT of neat things and of course we did not leave empty-handed.  It was a WEE BIT cold outside so we walked quickly through it but it still took us 30 minutes to go through(not counting our Lego stop).

It was a great market to visit to help get into the holiday season spirit.

And there was even Polish pottery, go figure!

Smoked meats and the smoker!

Warm roasted nuts!

There was a nice Nativity scene that was beautiful.

The Logo store! Heaven to the kids, heaven to us as we were FREEZING cold and it was a great place to warm up for a bit.

Love the architecture in Torun!

Back to shopping, hand painted ornaments that were beautiful! Yes I came home with a few. The best part is she had some for other holidays not just Christmas!

Hand made jewelry. I was told to go away by my husband, so I wonder what one of my presents is going to be?

Warm smoked cheese, AMAZING!!!

Hand blown glass.


Christmas decorations.

It’s getting dark really quick, so time hurry up and finish up.

Sucker anyone?

So here is what my girls picked out for their Christmas market goodie? Yes, these are suckers!

 Since Torun is officially checked off, next year we are off to Warsaw and/or Krakow next year!

What is your favorite holiday decoration?  Mine, is my Nativity sets!


love kelley
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4 Responses to Finally Made it to a Polish Christmas Market!

  1. Marcin says:

    Amazing post and great photos :). It was very cold outside last Saturday, so.. I really admire your strong will, that you wanted to travel to Toruń during such a difficult weather conditions. Nevertheless, I hope it was a nice adventure :).

  2. I’m at home in England, so thank you for bringing me closer to my Polish family with this post. I know that they will be eating, and eating and eating soon!
    The pottery and hand painted ornaments are beautiful. I have a set of 6 which adorn my Christmas tree. And grilled smoked cheese- wonderful!
    Merry Christmas to you.
    Johanna Bradley recently posted..Six word SaturdayMy Profile

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