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Every once and a while I will get a guest post for my blog.  Here is a great one especially if you are going to do any sort of traveling especially here in Europe or anywhere where you are a long ways away from home!

Guest Post

If there is one lesson I have learned in my adult life, it is ALWAYS read the fine print. Never sign or buy anything that you have not taken the time to really go over with a fine tooth comb. I came very close to spending quite a bit of money on some travel insurance that would have been a complete waste if I hadn’t gone on Money Supermarket and done some research for myself. I was planning on taking close to a year off to travel the world and was just in the process of tying up loose ends and finalizing the last of the details. One of those details being the procurement of travel insurance. I thought I had worked out a really full proof plan by looking into backpacker’s insurance. This way I wouldn’t need an individual policy for every country that I decided to visit. What I hadn’t considered (and really, why would you?) was that in the middle of my “world tour” I had planned on coming back home to UK for 2-3 weeks to visit my family. Within that period of time my twin niece and nephew’s birthday fell, so I figured it would be a nice surprise to be able to drop in for that, re-up on clothes and supplies, and then head off for the last leg of my trip. What I learned when I started researching policies (and only through close reading) was that coming back to my home country during the duration of my travel time, invalidates the insurance in most cases. I am working on finding a policy that will allow me to do this, but I never even thought that this was something I would have to look into. I knew that I would have to check all of the countries I planned to visit to make sure they were included. Obviously some of the more high-risk countries (for example, a country which is currently at war) are not going to be covered by an insurance company, but I never would have thought that taking a little time back home would be a problem. And this my friends, is why you always read the fine print

love kelley
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