First Day of School, Finally!

Well I think we were one of the last ones that I know to finally started this school year! My two little ones were on cloud nine starting school and well my high school junior that is a different story!

The Polish have an interesting way to start the school year.  First up, an unwritten tradition that kids wear black and white to their opening day ceremony.  Luckily I asked the school secretary if this a dress up thing like the last school day.  So we were set for the opening day!

The littlest showing off her black and white ceremony outfit.

Yes, she had to add a splash of color with her outfit.

On the way driving to their opening ceremony it was neat to see all the other kids walking to their different schools and seeing all them wear their black and white outfits.

The first day of school here starts with an opening ceremony.  The school has a partnership with the military base here; so we were luckily enough to hold the opening ceremony in the base auditorium.  Unfortunately, the school doesn’t have a gym or any other big area that could hold 200+ people.  The biggest room in it holds like 40 people squished but that is another story for another day! Because the ceremony was on base we also had an additional welcome to the school year from the base commander.

The base commander giving a welcome speech to the students and parents.

Then when the welcome speeches were done, it was time to welcome the new students into the school and recite the school oath.

The school headmistress welcoming the new students to the school with a HUGE pencil!

The kids recited the school oath.

Then the ceremony was over and off to school down the street and meet the teacher and learn what is all going to be happening at the school this year! So the school day was just a couple of hours the first day.

Now Tuesday was the first REAL school day for them so of course that means the first school day picture!!  I have pictures for all 4 of my kids of their first day of school, 14 years worth!

Here is the 2012 picture…

The first real day of school!! Yes, my teenager isn’t wearing shoes because she is going to high online here at home.

Do you have first day of school traditions with your kids?


love kelley
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  1. azhag says:

    About that huge pencil thing — in Poland this is a ceremony called “pasowanie na ucznia” which refers to “pasowanie na rycerza” or in English the accolade. The huge pencil fulfils the same role as the sword:

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