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    Never a Dull Day in Poland Forum Guidelines

    I hope you enjoy Never a Dull Day in Poland forums as a great place to share, discuss and to be heard.

    Please do keep in mind that this forum is a moderated community. In here we  will use the same basic “rules” here as I do with comments in other parts of the site.

    Please read and understand the comment policy and in general just try to be respectful to others.

    As this is an English written blog, please keep the forum in English as well. There are several other forums out there in Polish and other languages about Poland.

    I take pleasant behavior seriously, because we want this Never a Dull Day in Poland to be both a fun and productive place.

    If you have any questions about this policy, or believe someone treated you unfairly, you can get in contact with me.

    I will remove comments if:

    • you comment anonymously (without name or email attached)
    • your comment is off topic
    • your comment doesn’t add to the conversation
    • If I consider your comment inappropriate

    I also don’t allow affiliate links in any way on the blog, including in comments and comment author links. I will remove any affiliate links found in comments. If you have questions about my media guidelines click HERE.

    Be nice, stay friendly, and have fun.

    Thanks, and happy discussions!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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