Guess who is 100 today?

It is hard to believe that Girl Scouts is 100 years young today!!!

I hate to date myself but I have been a member of Girl Scouts now for 31 years!! My mother started me when I was in 1st grade (back in those days there wasn’t Daisy scouts yet).  Over the years I was truly blessed to have such a GREAT mom because she was always one of the first ones to volunteer for many of the volunteer positions in Girl Scouts.  She was a troop leader, a Neighborhood Committee Chair and a Camp director which made my experience in Girl Scouts so much more fun.  I stayed in Girls Scouts all the way until I graduated from high school.  While many girls quit Girl Scouts when they get to high school, to me that is when the fun really started!  I was President of the high school aged Girl Scouts advisory committee for our council, I was 1 of 40 girls selected to participate in an International Girl Scout 3 week canoeing camp in northern Canada, and earned the highest award in Girl Scouts, the Gold Award.   For a graduation present from my now mother-in-law I was a given a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts which I am really thankful for!  Because before I even had any daughters I was a troop co-leader, day camp director and President of an Overseas Committee when we lived in Panama.  Now that I have 2 daughters who are in Girl Scouts and 1 more joining next year I am still volunteering as a troop leader, activities coordinator, Gold Award committee member and for the last 5 years before we moved here to Poland, I was the Oversees Committee in the Netherlands/Belgium area.   My husband over the years has volunteered to with Girl Scouts as Cookie Dad for more years than I care to say!

People ask me why am I so outgoing, kind hearted, giving and love to volunteer?  My answer is because this is the way I was brought up which because of the example my mother set for me and ethics instilled in me from the last 31 years of being a Girl Scout!

So “THANK YOU” Juliette Lowe for starting Girl Scouts 100 years ago today!

For more information about Girl Scouts click here.

For more information about Girl Scouts here in Europe that my girls participate in click here.

Here are some pictures of what my girls and I have done with Girl Scouts while living here in Europe.

love kelley
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