Halloween Polish Style

Well we survived our first Halloween in Poland.  I threw a Halloween party here at our house for just a few people.  OK, in the end it being about 28 people with 16 of them kids so it was a controlled chaos party.  The last-minute I invited a new family that just moved here from The Netherlands(aka Holland) and then another family who originally was not going to be able to make it were able to make it, so that just made the party that much more fun.  The reason why I did the party was to show some of my friends our American traditions during Halloween.  My friends were from Estonia, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and of course there was an American family or two there as well.

The best part of the party is that I finally got to meet some of my neighbors that since we moved here we just waved to in passing.  About a week ago I put a note in my neighbor’s mailboxes asking if we could trick-or-treat at their houses.  Since trick-or-treating is not common here in Poland I wasn’t sure if they would let us.  But of the 10 notes I sent out 8 replied back YES!!  One of my neighbors also said yes but didn’t tell me her house number when she emailed me and I emailed her twice with no reply, so if you are reading this I AM SORRY for not going to your house.

At the party of course we had lots of food…

Then we had to play a game with the kids, apple bobbing….

And most of the time they played in the play room.

While the kids played the parents talked!

Then 7 o’clock finally came and it was time to trick-or-treat!  First up, 16 kids trying to get their jackets on.

Then it was time to go the houses.  I LOVE my neighbors for letting us come to their houses.  Everyone was so excited because they had only seen this being done in TV or in the movies!

Overall I think it was a great night for everyone involved the party.  It was great giving kids a sugar high and then sending them home with their mom’s and dad’s!  I had fun showing such American traditions as trick-or-treat, hot apple cider, rice crispy treats, cupcakes with buttercream frosting and CANDY CORN!!!

Now time to stop blogging on this post so I can go out and experience one of the neatest traditions they do here in Poland on the 1st of November, Day of the Dead.  Wait until you see tomorrow’s blog post pictures!!!

What is your favorite part of Halloween?

love kelley
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12 Responses to Halloween Polish Style

  1. Kad says:

    oh! These eggs look fantastic!
    Kad recently posted..Recenzja książki: KomórkaMy Profile

  2. Cynthia Sommer says:

    That is SO cool! How awesome to share our American tradition of Halloween and that they got to experience something new. I hope you all do it as a new tradition. Can’t wait to see the next blog’s pictures with a sharing of Polish culture. Kudoos to you and Happy Halloween!

  3. Adam says:

    Dear Kelley , today in Poland (in roman catholic church) is All Saints Day, something as Day of Dead is tomorrow.

    • Adam,

      My apologies. My living in Hispanic cultures for a long time in Panama and Miami they referred to this whole time period November 1 & 2 as Day of the Dead. Sorry for any confusion!

      • Adam says:

        Don’t worry, because of two things: first – about 70% of polish population doesn’t feel (or doesn’t know…) difference between All Saints Day and Day of Dead; second – if you are optimistic, and believe that all people that you knew are in Heaven, November 1 and 2 have similar meaning (I personaly believe in it… :) ).
        P.S. It was nice to see your family in TV Polsat Sport yesterday :)

  4. My absolute FAVORITE holiday is Halloween and I can’t imagine NOT being able to celebrate it! I’m so happy for you and all those lucky kids you were able to put this whole party/trick or treat experience together :)

    I personally believe kids should experience Halloween at it’s fullest!

    I hope you guys had a happy and safe holiday :)
    Kayla @ TheEclecticElement recently posted..November 2012 WinnersMy Profile

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