Happy Name Day “E”

Well the other day was big day here in Poland, “E’s” Name Day.

Once again another perk of taking my kids out of the International school here and immersing them in a more traditional Polish school is that they are learning more and more Polish customs and traditions.  One of them is Name Days.  According to inyourpocket.com…..

In Poland, name days (imieniny) are widely celebrated and have traditionally been given a greater importance than birthday celebrations, particularly as one gets on in years. Printed in every local calendar, these name days represent the feast days of Catholic saints. Every day of the year is assigned two saints – one male, one female – and chances are if you share a name with a saint (as almost all Poles do), you too have a name day. Some names are even repeated more than once in a calendar year, in which case you celebrate the first name day after your birthday.

Name Day celebrations in Poland are social events, traditionally involving the gathering of friends and family at the celebrant’s home or in the bar of their choice. Differing slightly from western birthday celebrations in which the celebrant is often seen as a ‘guest of honor’ and might expect to be bought drinks all night, in name day gatherings the celebrant traditionally plays the role of host, buying drinks for friends and ensuring that guests are taken care of. In return, guests should bring small gifts (typically chocolate, flowers or vodka) as you would on someone’s birthday.

Who knew name days could be so import to an 8-year-old?  Well at their school they are a big deal, I am finding out.  Typically the kids bring goody bags filled with candy and pass them out to their classmates.  So luckily we still had a few bags leftover from Halloween so we whipped up some goody bags for her classmate  to have.

Time to make the goodie bags!

Time to make the goody bags!

Inside the bags we put some Laffy Taffy, Starbursts, Root Beer barrels and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Like other typical European friends we have, I guess the majority of her classmates did not like the Root Beer barrels and Reese’s!  I guess they are an acquired taste.

So what is your name day? No idea, click HERE to find out! Kelley is not a typical Polish name so I could not find my on it. :(

love kelley
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  1. Adam says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to translate your name into Polish. Kelley is an untranslatable name. However, I would say you could celebrate your name day on July, 11 as there is a Polish name, Kalina. Just inform your friends that this year you will have your name day and make a party! :)

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