Happy New Years (Sylwester)!

Happy New Years or in Polish Sylwester!

It is hard to believe but today is the last day of 2012 already.  Are you like me wondering where did the time go?  The year just flew by with us all the excitement of moving to a new country brought.  There were lots of good parts, like going to the beach, visiting new cities, learning to make new food, meeting new friends who now have turned into family and getting to do lots of charity work for those less fortunate.  But there also has been a few bad parts like having to learning Polish(which is REALLY confusing even native speakers have trouble with the language!), the process of getting our green card to live here, another year of not being able to visit family back in states, and gaining weight because of all the GREAT food here.

  Here are a few of the moments that made this year special….

Happy Birthday kiddo!

They actually have a doughnut day in Poland!

Jim and I at his retirement ceremony

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

The city statue. Yes, it balancing on just a thin wire!

We filmed a House Hunters International show!!!

Our AMAZING church! Not sure how I would have made it without them this year!

Time to load our van up for delivery #2! With another GREAT charity here in Poland.

Here I am being hugged by the orphanage coordinator. I just given her 3,000 zlotys that the women’s club had raised for them over the last few months.

I think one of my best shots from the whole week in Oberammergau, Germany.

My oldest just wondering where to start at this store! Who would I would be living in the land of Polish Pottery?

Trick or Treating in Poland!

Gaining a new addition to our family, Rachael!

Polish hospitals are interesting!!

Our love lock on the love bridge in Bydgoszcz.

The four of us spells T R O U B L E!!!

Friends who have turned into family!

Learning to cook like this!!

American football anyone?

The ladies said I needed to check out this park next to the bus stop and when I turned the corner this what I saw in Warsaw! OH MY!!

All of the lovely ladies from Poland at the church conference in Warsaw.

The kids and I in front of Noah’s Ark in the Netherlands.

We are getting closer to Malbrok Castle!

Well I know I could easily add about another 20 pictures to this collection but I have been going through pictures now for a hour and half and I still need to go get some fireworks for tonight!!  Yes, they shoot fireworks on New Year’s here(stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!).

Now if you are in the US and you have not seen our International House Hunter’s episode, well guess what?

You are in luck they are re-showing it tonight on HGTV at

December 31, 2012 @ 2:00 PM e/p

January 10, 2013 @ 10:30 PM e/p

January 10, 2013 @ 1:30 AM e/p

For those of you who do not get HGTV no worries, we are going to try to tape it today and post it on YouTube as soon as possible, because everyone needs a good laugh now and then!

Well I hope you had a GREAT 2012 and I wish a even BETTER 2013!

So are you making new year resolutions?  Me, one of mine is to finally be able to know enough Polish to carry on a conversation!




love kelley
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