Happy Women’s Day from Poland

Yesterday and today it is not uncommon to see men walking around town carrying some flowers and/or chocolate or women carrying some flowers and/or chocolate.  Why because it is Women’s Day here in Poland along with several other countries!  March 8th is a day they celebrate here in Poland that honors women and girls no matter what their age is.  Men give the special women in their lives…wives, girlfriends, daughters, co-workers, classmates, teachers or just their friends, a single flower or a small chocolate to say they appropriate them.

Yesterday, at my usual Friday afternoon hangout at my favorite coffee shop, Beyrouth Cafe surprised me with my first flower.

I have got to work on these guys to smile more!!

I have to work on these guys to get them too smile more!!

When I went to pick the girls from school yesterday, they mentioned how much they love this day as “A” is in a class with like 15 girls and 1 boy and he got each of the girls a small chocolate.  Then “E” got 2 chocolates from a boy in her class and all the other girls only got 1!  Not sure if I should be worried or not since she is only 9.

Now did I get anything from my hubby for this special day? You bet I did….A perfect blog post for next week!  A 06.30 in the morning wake up from him saying you need to take me to the emergency room now! More about that next week as I got to get back to helping him.

For all my lady readers no matter where you live…

Happy Women’s Day from Poland!

My favorite flower...tulips!

My favorite flower…tulips!  Still in perfect condition from the surprise birthday party.

Which would you rather receive, flowers or chocolate? I will take a chocolate in the shape of the flowers and get the best of both worlds!

love kelley
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