I know I have been MIA for a while but that was a for a good reason, we went back to The Netherlands (aka Holland) for a little over a week so the hubby could do a 4 day military march and the kids and I hung out with friends and family.   Now we lived in The Netherlands for 6 AMAZING years and I have only lived in one other area for that long in my life, so it was home pretty much for me.  Over the years we made great friends which have turned into family for us.   I took so much of what I saw and did everyday for granted and never appreciated what I had until it was gone.  Now we have only been gone 7 months but here what I took for granted and I got bit home sick for….

If you were to move from your current location, what would you miss the most?

love kelley
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4 Responses to Homesick!

  1. Anna Delk says:

    I miss living over there so much! When we moved to San Antonio it about killed me. I missed the country side and the beauty of EVERYTHING back in Europe. Now living in upstate NY I still miss it but, not as much since I am living back in the country. Don’t get me wrong I miss just about all the same things as you do! I just miss them a little less.

  2. Sarah Jeansimon says:

    I miss many things from Netherlands, I miss the slower pace of life and the quality of fresh food. Another thing I miss is dining out and being able to eat/relax and enjoy at a much more ease of pace.

    But most of all, friends that I made over there and all the traveling, so much I did not accomplish.

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