European Hospitality

The other day I hosted a monthly board meeting for an international spouses club that I am the Chairperson for in Bydgoszcz. Yes, I know I have only lived here 9 weeks but if you know me, I LOVE to be involved in the community and elections were held at the 2nd meeting that I attended and a few ladies said I would make a great Chair (and I fell hook line and sinker for it!)

Being involved in groups like this helps make living in a foreign country that much better because…

  • A great way to make new friends
  • I get to learn about other nationalities
  • Charity work is usually a key element in clubs
  • A wonderful social outlet

The one thing that I find interesting in this group versus the other spouses club’s that I have been active in that were typically made up of American spouses is their hospitality.  I have hosted other meetings at our house before but never was given gifts like this just for having a bunch of women over.

 I got lots of different types of chocolate for 3 different countries, Czech cookies, a Czech cookbook(and it’s in English!), tea, and fruit.  So there is defiantly a difference in European hospitality and American hospitality.  So I guess I need to put on my thinking cap and figure out what unique American thing I can use as my hostess gift!  Ideas anyone?

love kelley
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  1. Ummmm…..Hmmmmm….let me see…….

    Oh! I know! How about some of your cupcakes?

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