I am HOW old?

I so did not want to get out of bed this morning!  Not because it is cold enough outside to have a nice coat of frost on my windshield to scrap off before I take my little ones to school, it is not because I realized I forgot to buy cereal for breakfast this morning, and not because I got up in the middle of the night with a darn coughing attack because I didn’t take medication before I went to bed but because I am officially 18 again with 22 years of experience! I am HOW old?



OH GOODNESS, I cannot believe am going to say this but today is my 40th birthday!  What 40?  40 year old’s are old people, they have grand-kids, they have grey hair, wrinkly skin, they have no sex lives(I can’t not believe I just typed that)  but I remember when my parents turned the big 4-0 that they were old. Now here I am 20 years later and I am that old person!  UUGGHH, what is the world coming too!

Now, I do not feel that old at all, I guess have a 6 & 8 year old at home will do that to a person but there are definitely signs that I am not a spring chicken anymore.  Since I am 40 now I will admit, my hair color is not my real hair color, my skin is normally not as soft at a babies butt and I do have wrinkles but I am fighting every minute of it!

Yes all of these things are in my bathroom!

Yes all of these things are in my bathroom!

I am know I am not the only one out there fighting off the signs of aging but we all try to hide it.  So there you have it folks, I am 40! 

This is so true!

This is so true!



So today with be just like another other day here in my house, kids off to school, doing laundry, take the kids to art class, hang out with the other mom’s at a local coffee shop while we wait for our kids and then finally go out for dinner(our family tradition is that the birthday person gets to decide where they want to eat out at or what I cook – no I am not cooking on my birthday!)

My last 40 years, I have been totally blessed, yes there were lots of ups in it but there were a few downs but I would not trade these last 40 years for anything!  I hope the next 40+ years are just as exciting.

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

How old does someone have to be considered old? Now that I am 40, I would have to say it is someone in their 70′s.

Last day of me asking!!

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love kelley
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9 Responses to I am HOW old?

  1. Sherri Cantu says:

    Happy Birthday, I hope your day and 40th year are special. I would have to say that 80 maybe the start of getting old. ( I hope)

  2. Scott R. Lucado says:

    Happy Birthday! I can say from personal experience that turning 40 didn’t hurt a bit.

  3. Jean says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Terri says:

    Happy Birthday Again! Reading this post reminded me of a time, you might not remember, may have blocked it out as it was a “down” time, but you were worried what I would think of what you had done. You know, without that time, we wouldn’t be who we are today and from the first moment I met you back in, what 1989??, I have always looked up to you. You are the most thoughtful, considerate person I know!! I love you!

  5. reader says:

    Sto lat!

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