I am leaving on a jet plane

I am leaving on a jet plane….

OK not really, but I did 3 weeks ago back to the USA to visit family and friends.  We had not been back as a family in about 4 and half years, so it was a long time coming!

While we are completely enjoying living over here in Poland, there are many times I really miss living near family.

I know the blog has been quite the last 3 weeks but we were traveling all over 4 different states visiting 3 sets of parents, 2 siblings, 2 sets of grandparents, at least 10+ sets of aunts and uncles and well over 40+ cousins and lots of high school friends! Yes, my hubby comes from a HUGE family!!

I will be posting more about our trip in upcoming post but here are just a few of the highlights!


Walking with Grandma K around the yard.


One of the 6 planes we were on during the trip.


One of the many family potlucks we did at a few different family members houses to catch up with as many family members as we could on our short trip.


I did not realize how much I miss the farming landscape!


My 2 littlest one playing with one of the cousins they just met. I think they are 3rd cousins if I did my family history right but once a cousin always a cousin!  I have a hunch if we lived closer the 3 of them would be getting into lots of trouble together.


2 of things I miss about the US, FREE unlimited refills of my Diet Coke and caramel rolls!!


I know you are going to laugh at this but I got 2 hours of shopping at Hobby Lobby to myself!!! We don’t have craft stores like this in Europe especially in Poland and boy do I miss them.


The countryside in Montana.  Just one of the AMAZING views we had while driving over 4,000 miles on  our rental car in 3 weeks.


I loved the fact that I was able to do some really stupid shoots with my kids over the past few weeks!


Putting lots of miles on our trip meant we needed a few pit stops along the way. One of our favorite things to do was to find a small creek and get our feet wet. Well in this case it ended up being their whole body. We were in the middle of no where so underwear swimming was completely OK.


Spending time with Great Grandma at Chucky Cheese.


Spending more time with more family members!


Another pit stop I think in Idaho.


I cannot imagine doing a trip like ours without the use of a GPS! I love maps for general looking but GPS’s make life so much easier.


Welcome home to North Dakota!!


Stopping to visit the world’s largest cow to show the kids where I used to hang out with my Grandma when I was a kid.


I am truly blessed to have this picture of 2 of my favorite men in my life, my dad and my husband! I got a call from my sister 2 hours before we were leaving for the airport in Warsaw that my dad had a heart attack and by all purposes he should not still be here with us. But I am VERY thankful he still is and was able to do a few things with us, like showing us his World War II group collection that he is active in.


Yet another family reunion with another set of family members at a local pizza place but my favorite guest, my 13 day old niece!!!


I miss good ole’ American food but our portion sizes are HUGE compared to Europe!


Yet another amazing view on our trip.


The spending time with one of their Great Aunts in her garden picking some carrots for dinner she was cooking for us.


One of the State Parks where we would take a break from driving and stretch our legs.


As I am not overly impressed with the Polish dental care here; one of our priorities was to have cleanings and a few problems fixed for all of us. So over 3 days we had a few smiles that were off for a couple of hours. Thank you Dr. Knapp and staff for taking such good care of us and getting everything done in the little bit of time we had!


Over the 3 weeks there we several pictures like this. It is hard to believe but this time next year there will only 2 kids at home as L will be in her Freshman year at university.

Almost home.

Almost home.

Huckleberry ice cream!!

Huckleberry ice cream!!


This is me and quarky sister! It is one thing to have a phone conversation but another to be there in person.

It was a fun fill, fast paced, friends, family and lots of food eating vacation.  I really need to do this more then once every 4 to 5 years!

Now does anyone have any tips to help get over this jet-leg?  

love kelley
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